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Battlefield Hardline Technical Information

The Battlefield Hardline Technical section contains updates/patches, console commands, CTE Info, admin tools +more.

Battlefield Hardline Game Update Nov 3 – All Platforms

A new Battlefield Hardline game update has hit the streets for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 and contains Two New Maps, New Gadget, New Weapons for All Classes/Factions, Spectator Mode Improvements and other features so keep reading! The following features are included in the Battlefield Hardline: Blackout DLC Base Game Update release for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 unless…

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The Latest Battlefield Hardline Changes

In yet another great thread created by Thaddeus Sasser Lead MP Designer on Battlefield Hardline he talks about all the latest Battlefield Hardline Changes such as the Rep System, fast tick rate server settings, universal soldier aiming and more so keep reading. Universal Soldier Aiming: Battlefield Hardline Uniform Soldier Aiming Confirmed Rep system: Battlefield Hardline Possible Rep Changes dirtydeathdog – The Rep system has received…

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Battlefield Hardline Possible Rep Changes

Thaddeus Sasser Lead MP Design on Battlefield Hardline started an interesting conversation on Battlelog yesterday about new rep changes coming and are just moments away from finishing there final tweaks. Thaddeus Sasser @dirtydeathdog had this to say: Hi guys, Working on getting the last tweaks to the Rep system in-game. Thought I’d share where we are with these, and get any last minute feedback you…

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