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Battlefield Hardline Images – Video

In this Battlefield Hardline Images & Video section you will find all posts that contain a specific image or video for you to view or watch, be sure to check out our video and image gallery if you cannot find what your looking for here.

Battlefield Hardline Chinatown – Behind the Scenes

The gritty streets of New York’s Battlefield Hardline Chinatown are the site of a massive crime ring, and when the cops break it up it’s every criminal for himself. The narrow alleys offer precious few places to take cover, but enterprising thieves might find other ways around. Go behind the scenes with this insider look at Chinatown, a new map in Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal, inspired…

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Official Battlefield Hardline Launch Trailer

Get ready for the official Battlefield Hardline launch trailer. Grab yourself a piece of the action in this all-new, high speed action shooter by Visceral Games that brings you, strategy, story and much more.   Official Battlefield Hardline Launch Trailer Download I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons: http://smarturl.it/IDSmokeMirrors I’m So Sorry Performed by Imagine Dragons Written by Benjamin McKee, Daniel Platzman, Daniel Reynolds and Daniel…

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Battlefield Hardline Concept Art Explored

Creative Director Ian Milham (@Monkey_Pants) and Sr. Concept Artist Patrick O’Keefe (@theOKartist) let you explore some of the Concept Artwork for the upcoming shooter Battlefield Hardline. How would you describe the art style of Battlefield Hardline? We’re going for a heightened, dramatic realism. We’re not worried about authenticity so much as believability. Our maps are based on real places without being dictated by them. We…

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