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Battlefield Hardline Expansions

All the latest related Battlefield Hardline expansion pack and download content news and videos for Criminal Activity, Robbery, Getaway, Blackout and more.

Battlefield Hardline Bounty Hunter

An all new mode is arriving for the Battlefield Hardline expansion pack Criminal Activity. Battlefield Hardline Bounty Hunter mode is intense and infantry focused. Although simple this mode provides some unique team and individual strategy. As posted on Battlefield.com In ”Battlefield Hardline”: Criminal Activity, we are introducing a new mode titled, ”Bounty Hunter”. Bounty Hunter is a high intensity infantry focused mode that pits the…

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Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity Info

A lot of news has been floating around the web about the upcoming expansion pack Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity, some true and some just utter bull, well now you get the official information straight from the horses mouth! Small crews of well-trained, aggressive criminals have been using force of arms to terrorize the citizenry and are in direct conflict with the police in many cases.…

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Battlefield Hardline Premium Details Featured

Visceral Games have not long released the official Battlefield Hardline Premium details and we all knew they would be coming at some point, they are offering: Masks,Gun Bench,Competitive Play and more so check it out! Four Expansion Packs On top of this, Battlefield Hardline Premium members will be able to enjoy four digital expansion packs featuring all-new multiplayer maps, modes, vehicles and in-game content. Remember:…

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Battlefield Hardline Rescue Mode Explained

That’s right. It’s time. Let’s talk… COMPETITIVE PLAY! Lead MP Designer Thaddeus Sasser goes through some details about the new upcoming competitive mode Battlefield Hardline Rescue Mode! We’re pretty excited to show off a mode you guys have been asking about our hostage rescue mode, titled, appropriately enough, Rescue. In Rescue, SWAT has three minutes to force entry into the criminals’ barricaded hostage locations and…

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