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Battlefield Hardline Announcements

Officially and Unofficially Sourced Battlefield Hardline announcements, this includes events, game news and Battlefield Hardline other information.

Battlefield Hardline Cop Patch Contest

Time to get creative. We know you enjoy browsing through and showing off the in-game Patches of Battlefield Hardline. But now we’re stepping this customization up and challenge you to send us your design idea for a Patch! Vincent0K We’re looking for the most original, creative, and fitting design idea for a cops Patch. Submit your contribution by e-mailing an image file (3 MB maximum)…

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Battlefield Hardline Battlefest Season

If you are a Battlefield Battlefest fan then you will be glad to hear that a new season is soon to arrive for Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4. A full month of in-game happenings, competitions, Double XP events, and more. Battlefest Hits Battlefield Hardline We are glad to announce that a new season of Battlefest the celebration of our faithful Battlefield players will hit newly…

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Battlefield Hardline Battlepack Information

EA have listed some Battlefield Hardline battlepack information for all you players out there currently playing Battlefield Hardline. This information covers, Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Premium and Ultimate Edition. Depending on the edition of Battlefield Hardline you purchased, you will receive the following Battlepacks. Standard Edition: Three Gold Battlepacks If you purchased Battlefield Hardline Standard Edition, one Gold Battlepack becomes available on March 17th, 20th,…

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