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Battlefield Hardline What are you expecting?

Over the last few months i have been keeping a strong eye on all information about Battlefield Hardline, up to now i have heard things about Stealth, sprint speeds, rescue mode, competitive modes and more so keep reading!

Battlefield Hardline: What are you expecting?
I was going to write a article about BFHardline but then thought to myself there are a few of them been made by other great communities already so what are the community members expecting from this game from what they have heard?

You are the people who will be playing this for hours on end so what do you want?

And most of all what do you actually know about this game?

In this post i have added some of the main topics for you to read through, this cuts out you having to look through 10 different threads just to learn about the game but are also linked to the main topics if you want more of a read.

I will start buy going over the all new information about the widely spread news on Battlefield Hardline Single Player being a Stealth game. Now before i start i can tell you now, stealth in my opinion needs to stay out of Battlefield, fair enough if you want to be a sniper and hide miles away that’s fine but come on really Stealth? And if i wanted stealth i would go and play Splinter Cell!

As i have not yet tried the Single-player version of the game i am only going from what other websites are saying, i have mainly listened to the GameSpot review who say:

Battlefield Hardline Is A Self-Aware Stealth Game.

After playing two chapters of Battlefield Hardline’s singleplayer campaign, there’s one major thing I came away with that EA isn’t telling you: this is a stealth game. Where prior Battlefield campaigns placed you smack bang in the middle of large-scale combined arms combat scenarios, Hardline’s cops-versus-criminals campaign is about smaller, quieter moments.
Now that may sound great to many players but myself is not why i play Battlefield, i want all out action not sneaking around flashing your police badge at people so they put there guns down! I don’t want them to put there guns down… I want to go in there guns blazing!

GameSpots Daniel Hindes also had this to say:

Though I only played two levels of Hardline’s single-player campaign, its strong stealth focus, smaller scope, and self-awareness left me surprised by how much I enjoyed it. If the rest of the game follows this formula, then this will not be your standard Battlefield campaign.

You can read there full article here: Battlefield Hardline Is A Self-Aware Stealth Game – GameSpot

Rescue Mode & Competitive Play
We posted news about this a week or so ago now and i have seen many mixed thoughts going around the community, one main issue is the one life only business, and i agree and think they should give the server admins or event planners the right to choose the settings, that way it would give a few more options or combinations to the esports community which has been ruined since Battlefield2/2142 may i add… But who knows maybe Visceral have a few more competitive modes up there sleeves?

Designer Thaddeus Sasser
We’re pretty excited to show off a mode you guys have been asking about our hostage rescue mode, titled, appropriately enough, Rescue.

In Rescue, SWAT has three minutes to force entry into the criminals’ barricaded hostage locations and rescue the hostages. There are no re-spawns in this mode, so if you’re dead you’re out of the round. The mode is played round after round for a series of rounds, with the team winning the most times being the overall match winner.

We’ve put in some cool touches to make it deeper for you to explore and use for your advantage. One of them is improved situational awareness through the use of audio.

We’re also adding some cool touches with interactive objects. We have a number of objects you can interact with turn on a radio to cover the sound of your footsteps, start a fire to conceal your movements or blow a hole in the wall for a new entry point. We’ve got defib pickups, medical stations, ammo lockers, and more distributed in the map for tactical use.
So 3 minutes huh? Do you think that time is long enough?

They go on about all the stuff and wonderful environments you have to use and check out but come on… with that time limit i am guessing you will just grab what you find first and kick your plan into action?

I also think that this should be set by the server admin or event planners.. But i will say no more about it i have been out of the competitive side for some time, if you want to read more about this check here.

SP Campaign Mechanics
This is taken from a thread i created a few days back now and all it is is just some singleplayer game Mechanics information that Battlefield had scattered all over the place, singleplayer is not why i buy a Battlefield game but thought you may find it interesting.

Flash your badge and strike fear into criminals hearts. Suspects will lay down their weapons and reach for the sky, giving you an opportunity to cuff them. A word of caution: your partner can only cover two thugs at a time, so don’t draw your shield on more than three cons at once or you’ll find yourself outnumbered in a gunfight no bueno.

Is there a gang of pesky thugs in your way but you’d rather remain unseen? Toss a shell casing to make some noise and distract one of the low-lifes. When he separates from the group to inspect the sound you can slip by undetected. Or sneak up behind him and knock him out, depending on your mood.

Not much to say about that really i suppose we will all learn more once we play it, but the idea and thought they have put into it is pretty immense but are also things that are pretty useless when it comes to multiplayer action. You can see the full topic about that here.


What are Visceral saying?
On the one hand, you’ve got a multiplayer experience that’s expected from a Battlefield game. Elements like destructible environments, modern-day weaponry, high-performance vehicles and dozens of players all over the world fighting in the urban streets of the US, now with new additions like high-tech gadgets to spice up the action.

And on the other, you have the powerful storytelling from the writers and game designers behind the incredible Dead Space trilogy. This is one crime drama that you won’t be able to stop playing until the climactic conclusion.

In my opinion they seem to want to mostly only talk about Singleplayer and how nice and great it looks with showing us 12 minutes of boring SP gameplay rather then 12 minutes of live multiplayer action which i know most of you would prefer? If i remember correctly the Danger-close team who made Medal of Honor Warfighter where the exact same and look where that ended…

No more Medal of honors are being made ever again! So basically they killed the series with one large boooom! Let’s hope they don’t take Battlefield down the same road. You can find out more about that here: EA confirms ‘Medal of Honor’ studio Danger Close is no more | Digital Trends

Visceral also say:

The levels twist through the detective story like episodes of a TV show, and high points of the story will play out in huge memorable gameplay moments. Epic car chases and intense gunfights?

Yes please.

In today’s war, the toys are almost as important as your crew. Criminals are armed with sawed-off shotguns, zip lines and grappling hooks, while the cops have tasers, tear gas and riot shields.

Read more here: http://battlefieldinformer.com/about-battlefield-hardline/

Game and Release info
I am sure you know this part already but i have put it in anyway just in-case.

Genre: Action
Release Date: March 13 2015
Rating:PEGI : 18+ Rating Pending
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Visceral Games
Supported Formats: All
Supported Languages:English (UK)

Well that is it for now, so let us know your thoughts and you can pre-order here: Battlefield Hardline Pre-Order Now – Battlefield – Official EA Site i could go on all day about rumors and other rubbish floating about but i won’t as i tend to only go by news that is 100% fact and not rumor, i am sure we will learn more over the coming weeks and fingers crossed for a new year beta test!?

You can find all images and news about Battlefield Hardline here.

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