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Battlefield Hardline Uniform Soldier Aiming Confirmed

Thaddeus Sasser (dirtydeathdog) Lead MP Designer at Visceral has now confirmed that at some point in time they will be adding the Uniform Soldier Aiming setting to Battlefield Hardline which they did not include into the beta.

Set on to enable the use of procedural aim rate instead of the original preset numbers.

The procedural aim rate tries to approximate constant movement in 2D screen space regardless of current field of view/zoom amount. This helps with muscle memory for aiming.

Thaddeus Sasser – (dirtydeathdog)
Hi guys, I’ll confirm we should have Uniform Soldier Aiming and some other aiming tweaks available in the options at some point.

Note the vagueness of my language this is intentional. It’s the case in game development that you’re usually not 100% what’s going to be in the game until the final builds. I can’t say with 100% certainty we will have this, or what the date is going to be. If I could, I would share that information, as I believe in transparency when possible.

The first step in getting things changed or fixed for the game is to put them on The List. This is the list of all the fixes we want to make for the game, and it has to get prioritized to make sure that we are doing the most important things first. For example, crashes take priority above anything else, since if you can’t play the game it doesn’t matter how smoothly you aim, and it doesn’t matter how much work it takes to get them fixed – you have to fix them.

We comb through the list and fix or improve things in what we think is the best overall order. This item – Uniform Soldier Aiming is on The List. I guarantee you it is not the top item on the list.

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