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Battlefield Hardline Live Gamescom Debut

In this live Battlefield Hardline Live Gamescom stream Patrick Soderlund and Steve Papoutsis go over some new points and info about Battlefield Hardline, you also get to see some single player and some multiplayer footage, so you really do not want to miss this!

Patrick Soderlund – EVP EA Studios
Now creative new experiences combined with ongoing input from our players, this is where the magic really happens in game development. It is why we are committed to bringing you (the players) in early and giving you the chance to get hands on right away.

This is exactly what we did a couple of months ago with Battlefield Hardline. Hardline is a entirely new series in the battlefield universe and we where able to learn a ton from the millions of people who played the beta that launched at E3 (Electronic Expo). You (the players) challenged us and we listened! You inspired us to go deeper into the story and add new features and create a Battlefield that our fans out there deserve.

We will also do another big beta and do further testing before before it is released to ensure it is stable.

Steve Papoutsis – Studio General Manager
Back in June in E3 we gave you a small taste of Battlefield Hardline. Today we are going to show you a lot more! You are going to see how Hardline is setting itself apart from other Battlefield games and you are going to learn more about the depth we are delivering in the whole game.

In single player we are delivering the ultimate cop vs criminal fantasy inspired by great TV dramas, each mission is structured like an episode with a focus on characters tense pacing and cliff hanger endings. We are also changing the traditional linear nature of Battlefield single-player gameplay by giving the player more choices of how the player wants to play.

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