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Battlefield Hardline Heist Mode Gameplay

Have you tried Battlefield Hardline Heist Mode yet? Me and BFI-Mlz played some BFHardline Bank Job on Heist mode for the first time and oh my it is one of the most fun filled modes i have played in a long time not that i had much clue what i was supposed to do but it was great fun!

To begin with i will mention a few issues i found whilst playing the Open beta, and will also go over some great things i have found about the game..

Issues i found:

The RO933 is pretty accurate but the recoil it has kinda spoils it, you find yourself having to fight the gun just to keep it down.. Not sure if this issue is global right now but thought i would mention it.

The 870P Magnum is very Over powered.

Not sure if Heist mode is staying 32 player only? But i feel the map is pretty empty, as you can see in my video below i run around for quite a while before i encounter any enemies, also there are no big shoot out’s, even if they budged the player count up to 48 players it would create so much more tension and fight!

Hot Wire mode – Well what can i say about this mode… I really did not like it at all, i found it totally pointless, you just grab a vehicle and drive around in circles and with it also being just 32 player half the map is empty and the mode itself got boring very quickly and i found myself running around aimlessly.


The Grenades – now this might just be me but when i play BF4 i can throw a grenade whilst i am running on a angle and it kind of curves to where i want it to go but in Hardline it just goes straight like it is too heavy.. I cannot really explain it but i am sure other people have noticed that the nades feel strange? Again i say this just might be me but let me know.

Logitech Keyboard setting – Having a Logitech G19 i thought i would enable this setting and what a disappointment, i cannot even understand why they would even add it?

What i was expecting to see was:

1, Synchronized back lights changing to, gunfire, explosions and so forth.
2, G19’s mini screen utilized in some way such as mini-map or things like ammo count, ticket count displayed within the screen, not that you need it but it would be a nice little touch. (You can view a example of what we did with music to the BF3 sound track: http://youtu.be/wi_roTRNPNI

Okay now i have had a little moan i will tell you the things i like about the game:

The beta so far i find is running very very smooth, i remember back to the BF3 and the BF4 beta and they both lagged so badly at times it was just unplayable. I have heard many people complaining they are getting lag and GPX issues this in my opinion is a sign you may need to upgrade your PC and stop blaming the game creators!? I just hope this smoothness carries on to the full release version but we will see..

Weapon sounds especially the grenades.. they sound frigging awesome! I love hearing the bass boom when a Hand Grenade explodes i think they should keep it like that <3

The hit box to me is almost perfect, i really cannot fault it, i feel the Net-code is running much better on Hardline then it is on Battlefield 4, and i have not been shot around a corner yet but i am sure there is still time.. haha!


One main thing i love is jumping into a Police Interceptor and hearing – It’s the sound of the Police WHOOP WHOOP it just sets the mood, then i bang on my police lights and go hunt some criminals down and make them pay.. it is just so much fun!!

I have to say it is one of the best betas i have played in a very long time and have to say the Visceral Games team have done well so far.

Well i am going to shut up now and let you watch me running around totally clueless playing heist mode haha.. but i hope you enjoy it and watch some more from our channel and be sure to share your thoughts on our thoughts!!??

Until next time!

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