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Battlefield Hardline Getaway Maps

The stash in heist mode has been taken but now you have to “Getaway” with the goodies!! The Battlefield Hardline Getaway expansion pack is set after the robbery (Heist mode) and faces charging trains, fast paced chases, California coast lines and more.

Battlefield Hardline Getaway Maps
Battlefield™ Hardline: Getaway* features four new maps that focus on what happens once the heist is over. We’re talking hot pursuits down the California coast, awesome chases over the U.S.-Mexican border, and daring escapes through underground channels and past charging train cars. Here’s a peek at each of the maps coming with Battlefield Hardline: Getaway.

Battlefield Hardline Pacific Highway
This stunning and sprawling daytime map is inspired by the iconic coastal routes of central California. A secluded winery, an abandoned lighthouse, and more suspicious sites can be explored when you enter and exit the highway via this map’s featured vehicle: the exotic car. The dense forest hides some secrets, too, including dead trees that can be knocked over to create new paths, and a thundering “Rock Shed” event that will leave your ears ringing, and your enemies buried. The natural terrain is an adventure to crisscross, especially the underground stream and tunnels which create protected routes from one side of the map to the other.

Battlefield Hardline Train Dodge
This (literally) cavernous map is situated in the hilly, tree-topped plains of Colorado. Cops and criminals square off in an old frontier mining town, bisected by an active railroad track that regularly sees locomotives cross through the area. The train will crush all that get in its way, but its flatbeds can be ridden by those who are daring! (Make sure a train doesn’t wreck on your watch, or it will reduce the width of some tunnels to a single track.) Stunt drivers and bikers will find plenty of jumps to forge their own paths through the wilderness. With lots of elevated terrain, and tons of micro-destruction, ziplines and explosives should become quite popular on this map.

Battlefield Hardline Double Cross
Some lines should never be crossed. And then there’s Double Cross: a map located on the U.S.-Mexican border, where cop and criminal teams cross back and forth constantly in pursuit of the big score. This is one of the largest maps in Battlefield Hardline: Getaway, and is a terrific place to play for fans of Conquest and Hotwire modes. If the sweltering heat gets to you, escape into one of the hidden smuggling tunnels, which provide crafty infantry a way to cross the border undetected. With border checkpoints regularly spaced, there are plenty of opportunities to ambush or trap vehicles as they cross into the U.S. or Mexico.

Battlefield Hardline Diversion
Not all getaways take place in a car. Deep underground, in the dimly-lit channels of the Houston Flood Diversion Center, an on-foot escape is the only one you can make. Here, city engineers built a network of aqueducts and flood doors to manage watershed – but in the hands of an enterprising criminal, these same structures can be used to change infantry paths, block enemy routes, and deny grenades. Explosive gas lines can be targeted to destroy catwalks or blow up the opposition. Aspiring cat burglars will appreciate the many paths into the Center’s control room, including a hair-raising, shimmying sneak through the vents.

Battlefield Hardline Getaway is available for Battlefield Hardline Premium members in January 2016.

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