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Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Maps List

The Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Expansion will be available to Premium members this coming March and will contain four new maps. The Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Maps are, Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown and Thin Ice.

Follow the Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Maps List thread to view images and a video of the upcoming maps!

Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Maps Contain Downed airplanes full of ill-gotten gains. Ramshackle prison cells on Alcatraz Island. Dark cemeteries speckled with crumbling tombstones. Grimy alleys and bright neon lights of Chinatown.

Here’s a peek at each of the maps coming with Battlefield™ Hardline: Betrayal’s*, each inspired by classic settings that you’ll be able to explore next month.


The crumbling infrastructure of one of the most notorious prisons in the country serves as a battleground for cops to thwart a plan to steal historic artifacts. From the showers to the lighthouse, and all the jail cells in-between, make sure you know which way the enemy’s coming from.

Blow through the walls to create new paths and get the drop on your enemies, but make sure you don’t get imprisoned if an enterprising enemy decides to slam the doors on you. Get your gang together and roll over the enemy on the Rock.

Thin Ice

Warm yourself by the fire raging around a crashed airliner in the freezing forests of the Sierra Nevadas. The frontier loners who live in their log cabins won’t be pleased to see a large-scale law enforcement operation in their rural countryside. This large, vehicle-heavy map offers plenty of opportunities to sight over long distances, so watch your step and stay out of the line of fire.

Hop on a snowmobile and do battle over the downed cash, but be careful of the pressurized oxygen tanks scattered around the frozen lake; if you’re not careful, you might find that the ice is too thin to support your weight.


What could be more fitting for a scene of so much carnage than the gray mausoleums and sorrowful statues of an upstate New York cemetery? The old saying about revenge and digging two graves is applicable here, but don’t forget to bring along a Shovel, one of four new melee weapons provided in the Base Game Update released alongside Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal.

Fight over the Crematorium and a variety of tombs and monuments, including one whose beautiful sculpture of an angel could turn ugly. Stay dry by driving a hearse around the twisty cul-de-sac, or duck into the underground catacombs.


The gritty streets of New York’s Chinatown are the site of a massive crime ring, and when the cops break it up it’s every criminal for himself. The narrow alleys offer precious few places to take cover, but enterprising thieves might find other ways around. Among the garish lights and grand, bizarre pagodas, gather up whatever cash and valuables you can find and make your escape, or get a group together and fight to take over the center of the neighborhood.

You might think that the fireworks, smoke, and narrow spaces in front of storefronts might offer you some concealment or protection from enemies a half a block away, but forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

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