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Battlefield Hardline Battlelog App For iOS

The newly improved Battlefield Hardline Battlelog App version 2.6.0 contains all the great features you’re already familiar with if you’ve used it for Battlefield 4. You’ll be able to change your Loadout before deploying in-game, see details of your agent, or analyze detailed reports of your last match.

There are a lot of great reasons to download the Battlelog App. Check them all out:

Change your weapons and gadgets before deploying, compare weapons and see load outs of other players.

See your coins, bounties, progression, patches and assignments.

Push notifications:
Stay in touch with the latest Battlefield news and get informed when friends starts to play Hardline.

See what your Platoon members are doing and browse stats for your Platoon.

See if you are the king of Hardline in your neighborhood.

See how you did in your latest game session.

Various stability fixes:
More than one hundred bug fixes, improved navigation and app speed.

Get the Battlelog App for Android and iOS: Battlefield Hardline Battlelog App

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