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Battlefield Hardline ASTRO Gear and PAX Exclusives

If you are heading off to Boston this March for PAX East then you will be glad to hear that you can get your hands on some great looking Battlefield Hardline ASTRO Gaming speaker tags.

ASTRO Gear – The Usual Suspects and PAX Exclusives

No event would be complete if we didn’t come prepared to equip you with an audio arsenal. We’ll be carrying a full inventory including our standard A30s, A40s and A50s as well as the MixAmp Pro. We’ll also be carrying our Special Edition Halo A50 for those die-hard Master Chief fans eager to complete their collection.

Need to replace a cable? We’ve got you covered. Need an extra bag to carry all of the great swag you picked up at PAX? We’ve got you covered. We’ll even be carrying a few hoodies for those of you who didn’t quite pack warm enough for the chilly Boston weather. We’re thoughtful like that.

Of course we’ve also got a few new items which you won’t be able to get anywhere else. In honor of our recent partnership with Battlefield Hardline, we’ll have 30, and only 30, exclusive speaker tags that will be available for purchase. These are tags that will not be sold on the website, and to be fair to those of you who don’t have 3-Day passes, we’ll only be selling 10 per day. So if you’re itching for these rare tags, you’ll want to get to the booth fast.

Battlefield Hardline won’t be the only tag exclusive at this PAX East. Though not for sale, we have a very limited number of Alone in The Dark Speaker Tags that we’ll be giving away to some lucky ASTRO family members. Hint: You definitely don’t want to leave your A40s at home this year.

Now if reading all this has got you feeling down because you won’t be able to attend this PAX East this year, never fear. We haven’t forgotten about you. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed as we’ll be snagging some PAX exclusive swag just for you! One lucky winner will be awarded a whole haul of items scoured from the Expo Hall personally by the ASTRO Crew.

PAX East will take place: Boston, MA Mar 6-8, 2015

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