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Battlefield Hardline ASTRO Gear And PAX Exclusives

If you are heading off to Boston this March for PAX East then you will be glad to hear that you can get your hands on some great looking Battlefield Hardline ASTRO Gear such as Gaming speaker tags.

Battlefield Hardline ASTRO Gear – Speaker Tag Giveaway

In Battlefield™ Hardline, it’s cops against criminals like you’ve never seen before. The ultimate showdown in urban warfare hit retail stores today! Will you be ready? In a world of heist and rescue, you’ve got a lot riding on your team’s success. What side of the law do you fall upon?

Battlefield Hardline ASTRO Speaker Tag Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Battlefield™ Hardline, we’re giving away the last 5 sets of our PAX East exclusive A40 Speaker Tags! We will contact the winners on March 25th. Good luck ASTRO Family!

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