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First video of the new year! I hope you guys had a great new years! I wanted to do something special and this one was a request from a few months ago. An old friend who I used to play BF1942 with requested this.

Battlefield 3 Guitar Medley – FamilyJules7X

Well i gotta say i think this kid is awesome and plays this so well and is full of enthusiasm. Great Job and this is what he had to say:

You may notice the video quality has improved! I got a new camera so now I can do much better quality videos from now on. I think being able to focus the camera on certain parts really makes it look professional. I shot the video in 720p but exported it as 1080p as a test. It looks fine on my computer so I hope it looks good on here too! So 720p and 1080p probably look identical. Let me know! Next week I’m going to try to shoot the video in 1080p to test how well that works.

And finally, The project file for this song corrupted before I could do any final mixing. This is pretty much my first draft of the song because it corrupted immediately after I exported it. I didn’t want to have to record it all again in a day, so, sorry about that. The snare hits during the MEC theme were supposed to be earlier but it was still in time with the song so I wasn’t worried.

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