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Battlefield Death to Kids (Original Mix) [dubstep]

Battlefield Death to Kids (Original Mix) – Battlefield 1942 revolutionized the first person shooter genre by being one of the first to add vehicles and aircraft’s to a multiplayer game in such a flawless way.

The introductory music to the game was not only a symphonic call to action, but it was a warning that what you were about to go into war like no one had experience at the time.

Their second release, Battlefield 2, cleaned up the intro song a bit but kept most of it the same. I am not particularly comfortable with the whole make a dubstep remix of everything you see culture but I like to give credit where credit is due.

Here you have a colossal drum step remix of one of the most recognizable themes among games. A complete cluster**** of sound that incorporates the Battlefield theme with an enormous amount of dubstep aggression and bass. Enjoy

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