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This section covers all Battlefield 4 Video, image and Audio related posts. Such as Battlefield 4 trailers / videos, renders and concept art.

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Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations Behind The Scenes

Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations Behind The Scenes – Get behind the scenes and hear the developers David Sirland, Cameron Petty and Tyler Ono at DICE Los Angeles as they shed insider insights on the differences between BF2’s Dragon Valley and the new and improved Dragon Valley 2015 in Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations. Additionally, learn about the massive Temple point of interest, as well…

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Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations Cinematic Trailer

Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations includes Dragon Valley 2015, a classic map re-imagined both visually and with new gameplay features. This large map opens up for vehicular mayhem on land, air, and sea. Destroy or repair bridges for a tactical advantage. For infantry players, the dockyards offer intense close-quarter combat in Team Death Match. Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations will be releasing in December 2015…

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Battlefield 4 Community Operations Trailer

Battlefield 4 Community Operations Trailer – With the release of Battlefield 4’s Community Operations free dlc coming tomorrow EA/DICE have decided to release a intense and action packed cinematic trailer. The Battlefield 4 Fall Update will be releasing on the same day! It’s been a long road for the Community Map Project, and the Battlefield 4 community has been involved every step of…

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