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Battlefield 4 Technical Information

This is our Battlefield 4 technical information section which contains such things as – Game requirements, Patch Notes, Teamspeak Skins, Battlelog and User Interface Updates, Procon Tutorials, Community test environment (CTE) News.

Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment Patch 52

Well yet another patch has not long been released for the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment and this time it brings changes and updates to tanks! So if you are a tank lover you will like this. SQUAD CONQUEST CHANGES In this build we have quite a few changes to the tank (the strategic team resource on Zavod). These are the changes we have in…

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Battlefield 4 CTE Community Map Blockout v2 Patch 48

The team over at DICE have not long released a new CTE patch, this patch/update addresses things such as: Night map updates, High Frequency server Updates, Misc Updates and of course the Community Map Project – Theme Blockout v2. In today’s update we have a big update to the Community Map Project, some bug fixes to the high tickrate netcode and some night map updates!…

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