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Battlefield 4 Technical Information

This is our Battlefield 4 technical information section which contains such things as – Game requirements, Patch Notes, Teamspeak Skins, Battlelog and User Inteface Updates, Procon Tutorials, Community test environment (CTE) News.

Battlefield 4 Google Chrome NPAPI

Battlefield 4 Google Chrome users have been having issues with battlelog since they released there last update, the CTE is asking users to enable the browsers NPAPI which can been done automatically or manually so if you are having issues with Battlelog then you may want to try this. When i logged into the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment today…

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Battlefield 4 CTE Spring Patch 40

A new patch/update has just hit the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment and it brings fixes for weapons, sound crashes, night vision, gun master mode and a few other things.. t1gge Today’s release includes a potential fix for the dreaded sound crash (which might, or might not be related to the sound-screech issue). We will know if we have fixed…

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