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Battlefield 4 CTE

The Battlefield 4 CTE (Community Test Environment) will provide passionate fans the chance to evolve Battlefield 4 with DICE members of staff and become a part of the test and development process.

No More Battlefield 4 CTE Content Featured

The Battlefield 4 CTE has been dead now for over three months, no players and no signs of life from the dev team which has made this news no shock at all. David Sirland Producer at DICE has confirmed there will be no more content for the BF4 CTE. If anybody is asking why is there no more content for…

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Battlefield 4 CTE Conquest Large Release 2

You may think the team over at Dice are chilling after releasing there massive Battlefield 4 game patch? Well hell no! In this latest Battlefield 4 CTE Conquest update it covers such things as: Game modes, Dragon Valley, Operation Outbreak, Weapons & Gadgets, Vehicle Changes and more. GAME MODES & RELEASES To expedite this, we will start by splitting our…

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