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Battlefield 4 Console News

This is a dedicated Battlefield 4 Console news section for platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX360 and XBOX ONE, you can find more news in our other Battlefield 4 sections.

Battlefield 4 PS3 Game Update Notes – June 3

DICE have started rolling out a new Battlefield 4 PS3 Game Update. A period of downtime is expected with this update so please bare this in mind. The patch includes fixes for the explosion pack not being able to be shot, improvements for packet loss and more. Update note details are below. June 03 PS3 Game Update Details: – Improved/reduced explosion induced camera shake. –…

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Battlefield 4 PS4 Game Update Feb 21

EA/DICE have now rolled out a new Battlefield 4 PS4 Game Update. This Battlefield 4 PS4 update includes a number of stability improvements that should fix some of the most common issues. Battlefield 4 PS4 Game Update Feb 21 -Fix for an issue where spawning into, or switching to, a gunner seat in an IFV/MBT sometimes could cause the game to crash -Fix for missing…

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