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Battlefield 4 Images and Video

Battlefield 4 Images, Videos, Trailers and a load of other related Battlefield 4 media that we know you will enjoy. If you want more be sure to visit our video or gallery sections!

Battlefield 4 Levolution Features Video

Battlefield 4 is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory moments found only in Battlefield. With dynamic destructible environments, epic vehicular combat, and the chaos of all-out war! Levolution in BF4 delivers a dynamic battlefield that reacts to the player’s every move to ensures that no two games will ever be the same. Battlefield 4 gives you…

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Battlefield 4 Patrick Bach Gamescom Interview

DICE Executive Producer for Battlefield 4 Patrick Bach goes through some new elements to the Battlefield such as Platoon emblems on vehicles and camos, new jets, new choppers and much more! From this Battlefield 4 interview at today’s Gamescom event what did we learn? Wei have listed some of them below: You can now add your platoon emblems to your vehicles. Dynamic weather effects will…

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