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Battlefield 4 Images and Video

Battlefield 4 Images, Videos, Trailers and a load of other related Battlefield 4 media that we know you will enjoy. If you want more be sure to visit our video or gallery sections!

Battlefield 4 The Sea – Video Teaser

Get your first glimpse at Battlefield 4!! This first part to the Battlefield 4 the sea sneak peek shows what many fans think to be a submarine? Don’t miss a single Battlefield 4 video – subscribe to our Battlefield channel. Prepare 4 Battle at Battlefield – The award winning franchise from EA / DICE Get your first look at Battlefield 4 gameplay. At 11 PM…

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Battlefield 4 Box Art Leaked

Twitter user “32bita,” who has there Tweets protected, has not long posted a partial shot of what is meant to be believed as the actual Battlefield 4 box art (rumor) for the upcoming online multiplayer shooter Battlefield 4.. Now as you know i do not usually post rumors for the reasons it just brings false hope to the fans but this i must add seems…

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