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Battlefield 4 Images and Video

Battlefield 4 Images, Videos, Trailers and a load of other related Battlefield 4 media that we know you will enjoy. If you want more be sure to visit our video or gallery sections!

First Battlefield 4 Screenshots Released

Here are the first ever Battlefield 4 screenshots released by EA/DICE. The tension is bubbling… and Battlefield fans around the world are awaiting to see what EA/DICE have in store for us next! with the upcoming multi-platform shooter Battlefield 4? You can find all full sized images in our Battlefield image gallery here – http://battlefieldinformer.com/bfi-2/gallery/index.php…

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Battlefield 4 Air Sneak Peek Video

Here is the third part to the Battlefield 4 sneak peek videos, and this time EA/DICE are showing my favorite Battlefield vehicle… The chopper! Will this be the last? Will there be more Battlefield 4 sneak peeks to come? Enjoy the video! You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.…

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