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Battlefield 4 Premium

Push the boundaries of what Battlefield 4 Premium can be with a Premium membership. Battlefield 4 Premium gives you more with all five expansion packs – China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand – priority access to server queues, exclusive customization’s like camos and dog tags and exclusive weekly events to help you level up faster.

Battlefield 4 Premium Official Information

Push the boundaries of what this game can be with a Battlefield 4 Premium membership. Secure early access to all five expansion packs, get new vehicles, weapons and weekly content drops and add even more depth with exclusive content. – Battlefield 4 Premium – Five digital expansion packs featuring new maps and in-game content: – Two-weeks early access to all expansion packs – Exclusive personalization…

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Battlefield 4 Premium Expansion Pre-Order Deal

Battlefield 4 Premium Expansion Pre-Order Deal! Battlefield fans, GameFly is offering a 20% off coupon for Battlefield 4, making the game only $48 for PC download. No fuss or mess just enter the coupon and get $12 off. (Note: You can only use the coupon once per account, so pick your poison wisely). Hot on the heels of the Battlefield 4 gameplay trailer (and all…

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