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Battlefield 4 Night & Legacy Operations

Battlefield 4 Night Operations and Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations, are free DLC released for all Battlefield 4 players by DICE.

Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations – Behind the Scenes

Get behind the scenes and hear the developers David Sirland, Cameron Petty and Tyler Ono at DICE Los Angeles as they shed insider insights on the differences between BF2’s Dragon Valley and the new and improved Dragon Valley 2015 in Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations. Additionally, learn about the massive Temple point of interest, as well as several gameplay strategy tips. You can check out more…

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Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations Cinematic Trailer

Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations includes Dragon Valley 2015, a classic map re-imagined both visually and with new gameplay features. This large map opens up for vehicular mayhem on land, air, and sea. Destroy or repair bridges for a tactical advantage. For infantry players, the dockyards offer intense close-quarter combat in Team Death Match. The Battlefield 4 Holiday Update will be automatically released to your platform…

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Battlefield 4 Night Operations Is Now Live

The Battlefield 4 Summer Update is now rolling out worldwide for all platforms, September 1st, 2015. Battlefield 4 Night Operations, a free DLC release for all Battlefield 4 players, is also rolling out today in most territories (with PS3/PS4 in Europe coming on September 8). Battlefield 4 Night Operations includes Zavod: Graveyard Shift, the first map for Battlefield 4 that takes place entirely at night.…

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Battlefield 4 Night Operations Map Trailer

What’s it like to play a Battlefield 4 map that takes place at night? You’ll know soon enough, when Battlefield 4 Night Operations releases in September 2015. And if you want a sneak peek watch the trailer. This incredible Battlefield 4 trailer was created by the immensely talented Two Scotsmen does an amazing job of giving a cinematic look at the upcoming free DLC. Battlefield…

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