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Battlefield 4 Final Stand – Expansion

Battlefield 4 Final Stand moves the fight into a grand and wintry landscape with high-tech weapons and vehicles to match. Take helm of the high-tech hover tank HT-95 Levkov with versatile movement and capability to move sideways with strafing. Find the new powerful Battle Pickups: the devastating rail gun Rorsch MK-1 and the deadly high-speed drone XD-1 Accipiter.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Release Date

The all-new maps include the Siberian, blizzard-ridden Operation Whiteout and the thrilling Hammerhead which lets you fight around a submarine base. Take a good peek at the hi-tech gadgets in the military installation of Hangar 21, and the vast Giants of Karelia. The epic conclusion is imminent. Battlefield 4 Final Stand, featuring 4 all-new arctic maps packed with futuristic military…

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