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Battlefield 4 Will Turn You Into A Mass Murderer

Well here we go again. It always comes that time where you get a Government official spouting off about videos games and how they make people want to go out and murder people. Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein says violent games can serve as “simulators” for would-be killers.

“I think the really violent video game becomes a kind of simulator to practice on. And it enables the individual to become much more familiar with that depiction of death and blood,”
Feinstein said, referencing the exaggerated way in which some games depict violence and death.
“Of course it’s not the way it is in real life,”
All this is going by the last crazy killer who was reportedly a “deranged gamer.”

So what are you gang going to do then? Install your fresh copy of Battlefield 4.. play a few rounds.. then grab your nearest gun or weapon and go out and mass murderer a load of people all because you still think your in the game?

What a joke, and comments such as this show how much of a shambles the political system is. What are we there scapegoat? I have heard about nerd rage but that tops it all off!

You can find a more detailed post here from GameSpot. Violent games can enable would-be mass murderers, say CA Senator – GameSpot.com

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