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Battlefield 4 Survey, Release Date And Next Gen Consoles

Our Battlefield Informer commentator PouncingPuma walks us through some of the latest Battlefield 4 news and talks about the latest official Battlefield 4 survey, next generation consoles and the upcoming BF3 double XP event!

What’s up guys this is Battlefield Informer and we have got a ton of exciting news for you all today for Battlefield 4!

First of all the full survey that i talked about in my last video was only speculation but the full official one has come forward and there is one thing i would like to mention that i did not before, EA in this latest survey are talking about a melee weapon expansion that will add 10 new melee weapons including Katanas and extendable batons and with that comes 10 new stealth kill animations.

Battlefield 4 survey

I think that would be absolutely fantastic, to be able to pull out a baton and beat someone down would be extremely fun and extremely humiliating for the person on the receiving end!

Now the second thing today is screenshots.

Yes EA have released three Battlefield 4 high resolution screenshots and they look fantastic and very pretty. Now i think they did this on purpose because of the official announcement of Call of Duty: Ghost just to show you they are still here.

Battlefield 4 Survey, Release Date And Next Gen Consoles

Battlefield 4 Survey, Release Date

The third thing i want to talk about is the Battlefield 3 double XP event which is starting tomorrow for 96 hours (four days) so make sure you check that out!

Battlefield 4 Double XP Event

And the forth thing is the announce for Battlefield 4 for next gen consoles although there has not been a release date for the next gen consoles there has been a release date for Battlefield 4 scheduled for release on October 29th 2013 so i will have that marked down on my calendar when i go to pre-order.

The fifth thing is the new expansion “China Rising”: Now it may not be a new expansion, what i believe is they called it “Drone Strike” and that’s what you got when pre-ordering the game i think they just slapped a new name on it, gave it a new cover photo and said that sounds better! So now when you preorder Battlefield 4 you will be getting “China Rising” instead of “Drone Strike” and what there saying about it is players will fight for dominance across the vast and majestic Chinese mainland in four massive maps, using all-new vehicles and high-tech military equipment.

Battlefield 4 China Rising

NOW… The words vast and multiplayer jump out at me and i immediately think of “Armored Kill” which is absolutely fantastic everyone i talk to loves it on PC but it was hell on consoles. So hopefully for the announce on next gen consoles they will at least have a bump up in numbers hopefully 64 player servers on consoles and it would be fraggin fantastic and i would love that so much!

And last but not least the most exciting news i have heard in a long time.. they have announced on June 10th they will be showing a live gameplay demo of Battlefield 4 multiplayer at E3! OH MY GOSH FINALLY!

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