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Battlefield 4 Second Assault Live Stream

DICE are excited to announce the Battlefield 4 Second Assault Live Stream, presented by AMD. Get a first look at the Second Assault expansion, featuring four favorite maps from Battlefield 3, pushed to their limits with the power of Frostbite 3 and redesigned to enhance gameplay.

Join us on Wednesday, November 20th at 12PM PST as we live stream three matches on Battlefield 4 Second Assault maps, available first on Xbox One starting November 22nd.

DICE LA, the creators of Battlefield 4 Second Assault, will show off a new game mode, Capture the Flag, and three of the four new maps. Throughout the stream we’ll answer your questions about the expansion pack and Battlefield 4 Premium. At the end you’ll catch the worldwide premiere of the Battlefield 4 Second Assault launch trailer.

Operation Metro 2014
Gulf of Oman 2014
Operation Firestorm 2014
Caspian Border 2014

Stay tuned for more information on the live stream is next week!

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