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Battlefield 4 Release Scheduled – Date Unknown!

Battlefield 3 has not been out that long, and already there are talks of the next installment, yes we are talking about the new Battlefield 4 game. The first DLC pack is not even available yet, but that does not stop EA president Frank Gibeau confirming BF4

The lucky fellows over at EuroGamer have reported that, EA president Frank Gibeau has confirmed Battlefield 4 during a keynote presentation at the University of California. You can see this tweet confirmation here, which was posted by keynote attendees.

Is there going to be a Battlefield 4 game, no honestly, really? It looks like if sources are correct; before BF3 was released DICE mentioned that they were hoping to develop the fourth game sometime in the near future, near meaning when though? Executive producer Patrick Bach said in a nutshell that this whole Frostbite 2 thing has opened up a big landscape ahead of us so we can do whatever we want.

Hopefully the above news is true, but this leaves us with a few questions,

“When will Battlefield 4 release date be? Is there a possibility it could release as a launch title for the Xbox 720 and PS4 in 2013?

Whilst on the subject of Battlefield 4, we would like to talk about the wishlist, yes we know it is very early indeed to ask this, but why not hey. We have played the game (Normal level), but did complete in less than 6 hours, so it stands to reason that the campaign within BF4 be extended, make it a lot longer.

We mentioned not so long ago about the co-op levels in BF3, do these need to be looked at and is it extensive enough? There are only 6, so is more needed, and do you think they should increase from 2 to 4 players?

There are so many questions to ask about Battlefield 3, that should be considered when thinking about BF4, the number of vehicles are not that great in BF3 so more in the next game would be a nice touch, a new breed of maps would be great, there are so many new features that could make this game so much better than it already is.

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