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Battlefield 4 Real Players, Real Gameplay

Fans know that Battlefield games are packed with unique, thrilling moments the kind of moments you can find Only in Battlefield. That’s why we’ve asked some fans to tell us their experiences in Battlefield 4, and we’re sharing their stories with the world. Battlefield 4 Real Players, Real Gameplay!

Only in Battlefield 4: “Crash In Guns Blazing”

Only in Battlefield means jumping out of a jet, spinning around, and destroying the jet chasing you with an RPG. It means bringing down a skyscraper and parachuting off as the building crumbles beneath your feet. It means that moment when your team erupts in cheers as you make the impossible happen.

Only in Battlefield 4: “Ride Off Into the Sunset”

You’ve been living Only in Battlefield moments for over 10 years, and Battlefield 4 will deliver even bigger, better, and more intense experiences. We wanted to give you a taste of what Only in Battlefield means in Battlefield 4. Check out the first of many dynamic, unscripted moments to come.

Only in Battlefield 4: “Taking Out Tanks Left and Right”

Only in Battlefield 4: “I Stabbed Him in the Water”

We’ll be showing off a ton of new Only in Battlefield moments from Battlefield 4 in the coming weeks. You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.

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