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Battlefield 4 PunkBuster Server Fix

Myself and many others have been wondering why Battlefield PunkBuster works only for a short time then disables on Battlefield 4 servers.

Well we have found a fix that has stuck on our servers for now and have PunkBuster running just fine. Read on to find out how to do it yourself!

Now to do this fix for your Battlefield 4 server you must have the latest Procon Frostbite downloaded which you can find here: https://forum.myrcon.com/forum.php

Once you have downloaded it and logged in go to the end menu tab called console and once in there click PunkBuster.

Battlefield 4 PunkBuster Server Fix

In the box at the bottom you need to enter:

And then click send.

You will then see it turning on your PunkBuster. So then once that is complete you need to then type in the box:

This will then update your server to the latest version of PunkBuster but please be aware this can take some time so be sure it has finished before leaving Procon you will see something close to this once complete.
PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server for BF4 (v1.880 | A1388 C2.327) Enabled
PunkBuster Server: Game Version [86637]
PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Session #1 Opened [] type=1 name="pbbhub2-1" key=8D02417F34E28A3D40882510E91477C4
PunkBuster Server: PB UCON "pbbhub2-1"@ [pb_sv_ver]
PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server for BF4 (v1.880 | A1388 C2.327) Enabled

Some times this kind of update can disable kicks so just run this command to be sure it is enabled.


And that is it! Your PunkBuster on your Battlefield 4 servers should now stick as enabled but who knows how long this will last due to Server updates coming.

With this update you can now stream your servers with PBBans and help catch hackers within the community!

Battlefield 4 PunkBuster Server Fix

I hope this information has helped you out i have tried to explain it the easiest way i can so just follow what i said correctly and all will be fine.

If you are not quite sure on how to use Procon then watch our Battlefield Procon Tutorial they also use this video on there official website: http://battlefieldinformer.com/battlefield-4-procon-tutorial/

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