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Battlefield 4 Procon Frostbite

I thought it was time to start giving you some info about how you will admin your Battlefield 4 servers with Battlefield 4 Procon Frostbite. Most of you admins out there already use Procon, this post is just to let you know what is going on and what will be happening on the week of release.

Things we know so far about Battlefield 4 Procon:

There will have to be an update for Procon, and that would remove all plugin configurations.. Essentially you’ll start from scratch so make sure you do a backup of your white list, admins, plugins and so forth if you have any Battlefield 3 setups.

The reason why server providers are not aware of an update is the fact that there is none yet.

Once Procon get the information they need and BF4 is released, they will write up a patch and throw it out. That’s the point when hosts will also get it.

iOS Procon BF4 Edition
Battlefield 4 Procon Frostbite

For Battlefield 4 you can expect the release of an all-new redesigned “iOS Procon BF4 Edition”. As its predecessors “iOS Procon BFBC2” released in 2010 and “iOS Procon B3 Edition” released in 2011 – which are also available on the App Store – it serves as a standalone remote administration tool for (PC-version) Battlefield game servers on iOS devices.

Using a direct connection to your game server it provides you with complete control over your settings, lists, map rotations, lets you browse logs and event lists, chat and interact with the players on your server. Furthermore it is of compatible with the Procon layer server architecture. Logging onto a layer server lets you take advantage of Procon’s sub-admin account management and plugins even on your iOS device.

Top new features of the upcoming BF4 Edition:

Complete UI redesign for iOS7
Improved app navigation through an optimized use of the tab bar
Map list redesign which will include adding map related commands directly into the list
Redesigned server status screen with a more efficient screen usage optimized with individual layouts for all available iOS devices (iPhone/iPos 3,5″ and 4″ screens and iPad) for landscape and portrait mode
Adaptation of rcon related new features of BF4 for the application (hopefully including a battlemap display – unfortunately there still is no BF4 rcon information available at this time).

We will update you more on this subject once we know more so stay tuned and checkout the tutorial linked below!

Battlefield 4 Procon Tutorial

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