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This is a Release Candidate Battlefield 4 Procon [RC]. It’s not ready for prime time, unless you all download it and tell them it’s perfect and that won’t happen, so download it and tell them what’s wrong and they will post another updated version.

The below information may sound confusing, we advise you download procon then watch our Battlefield Informer Battlefield 4 Procon Tutorial: http://battlefieldinformer.com/…tutorial/ or you can watch it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/XtwEV4AUmxQ

We have officially released 1.4.1.X when it is added to the auto updater and can be downloaded at https://forum.myrcon.com/showthread….oad-Procon-1-X

We recommend hosts only use the officially released version of Procon available on our download page. Saying that, the more people that try this version before the thousands in a week, the better.

BEFORE UPDATING TO THIS RELEASE CANDIDATE: please back up your config files. The config-file encoding has changed with the recent patch. Although this should not cause problems, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
Download: https://forum.myrcon.com/showthread….con-1-4-1-0-RC

Battlefield 4 Procon Changelog ->
Battlefield 4

Added ListTab for SpectatorList
Added support for gameAdmin.* and spectatorList.* commands and responses.
Fix for spectator list & gameAdmin add/remove
Fix for punkbuster.isActive to replace the current var, but it’s not used.
Added the fairFight var get/set.
Added Chinese Army to language files
Added workaround for BF4-beta say target “unknown”
Added ComoRose string replacements
Added BF4 to settingsTab (FairFight, maxSpectators)
Finished BF4 settings and ConfigGenerator.
Added first set of weapon codes (OB-R3 based)
Updated map and teamname definitions according to first BF4 rcon docs

Removed word wrap on the network and punkbuster consoles
Added error checking and exception handling when building and executing a stats url. See https://forum.myrcon.com/showthread….th-player_guid

Copied over some changes from Procon 2 when downloading compressed http requests.
Fix for procon crashing when a map definition was not available.
Fix for a map not existing in a definition causing exception when adding a map.
Changed all url for download and stuff like that to repo.myrcon.com/procon1/
Copies over changes to Procon 2 networking code to Procon 1. It should be more stable and reconnect a lot better.

Now sends a blank server name in the anonymous usage stats. It obviously wasnt intentional, just wasn’t thought through clearly when madly programming this section in a hotel room for BF3.
General code clean up, until I realized I was cleaning Procon 1. You’ll never see/notice the changes anyway.
Patched a deadlock when shutting down a connection (Note: Patch. I’m pretty sure it’s fixed, but.. patched).
Now pokes layer clients instead of relying on a callback to not throw an exception.
Small amount of cleanup in the layer code.
Added MySqlClientPermission to the plugin permissions to allow MySQL connections with sandbox enabled.
Changed config & log file encoding from UTF16 to UTF8

Plugin Specific
CPluginInfo: Setter accessor on guid/name/clantag are now public.
Now only passes general “InvokeOnAllEnabled” calls to plugins across the appdomain once. Should be a big speed boost for those running multiple plugins.
Disabled the plugin call timeout for the time being. I’m hoping the improvements elsewhere will mean it’s not required, but we’ll see.
Further plugin optimization by caching reflection lookups.
Now caches plugins, only recompiling them if they have been modified.

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