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Battlefield 4 Official Survey Revealed

About a week ago we got to see a fake Battlefield 4 Survey that mentioned Dino mode and other fictional information. Well now we have a Official one from EA who have confirmed that this is genuine!

Last weeks survey was a work of fiction which we all expected so please note we have not managed to find a source from where EA say this one is Official so do not take this as 100% until we know more, the new rumor now is Battlefield 4 will contain Mass Effect 3 style unlockable Battlepacks as a reward for all your hard work in combat.

”demolish the buildings shielding your enemy.”
“lead an assault from the back of a gun boat.”

One survey question asks players if they’d like their progress from Battlefield 3 carried over so they have weapons already unlocked.
Battlelog mobile app and scheduled matchmaking.

Water-based combat: “Pilot attack boats, RHIBs and jet skis on swelling seas and stormy oceans.”
“Blow the foundations of a dam and flood the area of combat.”
“Bump into a vehicle and its alarm will give away your position.”
“Cut the power to a building and envelop the enemy in a cloak of darkness.”
“More maps, more vehicles, more weapons, more classes, and more destruction…”
There are additional surveys asking for name suggestions for DLC packs:

Battlefield 4 Close Combat Melee DLC Survey 4




“In Battlefield 4, you can unlock Battlepacks as a reward for all your hard work in combat. Possible rewards include bonus XP boosts, knives, weapon attachments, and customization options like soldier camos, weapon paints and dog tags will let you play your way and stand out on the battlefield. The more you play the faster you earn them, but with 300 possible Battlepacks featuring more than 1200 items, you never know what you’ll unlock.”
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