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Battlefield 4 Live Showdown – EUROPE Vs USA

Who’s the best at Battlefield 4 – Europe or USA? Join us in a global, live streamed event, where Xbox Live’s AceyBongos and Major Nelson fight each other head-to-head, to once and for all prove who’s the best.

They will be commanding their own team of 32 players, on Xbox One.You’ll get the first look at the Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion pack, which debuts at the Battlefield 4 Live Showdown and brings four re-imagined Battlefield 3 maps to Battlefield 4.

Help team Europe get the edge by playing the Battlefield 4 Beta on Xbox 360 now. If players in Europe achieve a higher score per minute than players in the US, Team Europe will get a ticket advantage during the Showdown. SUPPORT TEAM EUROPE! Join the Beta now!

Battlefield 4 Live Showdown - EUROPE Vs USA

Watch together with millions of fans on Xbox Live, 6:00 PM GMT, 7:00 PM CET on Nov 1st – and make sure to support your team!

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