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Battlefield 4 Levolution, Commander and Battlelog

Battlefield 4 Levolution E3 2013 Interview Part Two: Commander Mode and Battlelog, June 2013 DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson talks to Stephanie Prentice about some of the brand new features in Battlefield 4.

Levolution means levels evolve over time in a multiplayer map. For instance, the skyscraper in the Siege of Shanghai map can be demolished by placing C4 on its four players. Not only does this collapse the building, but change the location of the flag in Conquest mode and kick dust into the surrounding area, effecting the visibility. Bollards can also be raised to block roads and impede vehicles.

Commander Mode is playeable on a tablet or mobile device. Commanders can turn the tide of battle with a birds eye view, supporting troops and calling in air strikes. A new improved Battelog is intergrated seemlessly into the console experience and is also available as an app, where loadouts and servers can be changed on the fly.

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