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Battlefield 4 Holiday Patch Notes

Be warned this is another huge list of updates that have come in the latest ”Battlefield 4 Holiday Patch” and features information on the greatest map ever made.. Dragon Valley!

This map is so big it has Noshahr Canals as one of it’s docks!!

The focus for the Holiday Update has been finishing the classic map project, Dragon Valley 2015! This release also includes a stew of balance tweaks. bug fixes and continued netcode improvements!


The Classic Map Project started way back before Christmas 2014. We knew that we wanted to build a more classic Battlefield map with a focus on vehicle play, especially considering the infantry focused Community Map Project.

After much consideration, we decided to go for Dragon Valley from Battlefield 2, as it was a map that fit our vehicle focus. but also a map we thought we could elevate significantly using Frostbite in BF4!

Let’s take a quick tour of what has changed in Dragon Valley!
Images to the left are from Battlefield 2, and images to right are from Battlefield 4.


The center island has grown quite significantly and become a self contained infantry space.


The marketplace [former village] now features a close quarters, but fully destructible walled-in market.


The power station has been upgraded to a much bigger facility in the 2015 version.

Dragon Valley 2015 includes some unique features to stay grounded in the original, but also to elevate vehicle gameplay.



A cloud layer covers the inner portion of the map, which acts as a natural separator between air and ground combat. and adds to the air-to-air dynamic of the map.


Just like the original map. you can destroy and repair all the wooden bridges in Dragon Valley 2015. This feature was a central part of the original map’s ground vehicle gameplay. and we knew we had to implement this in our version.



We did pick a Battlefield 2 map to remake, but also realized we had an opportunity to get one of the most played Team Death Match layouts in the second harbor area, so we brought in Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3!


Second level overview: BF3 to the left – BF4 to the right.

Let’s go through the areas of the map used in Conquest Large!



Container maze – BF3 to the left, BF4 to the right.

A top down view of the full Dragon Valley 2015 map

The original Battlefield 2 map featured 10 flags in a Conquest Assault layout.

We wanted to capture the original feel of the map. but in the regular Conquest layout. This resulted in 8 flags. no capturable Chinese base [as was the case in the original]. What we have is a more slow-paced
Conquest game. similar to the original map’s pacing.



The US spawns in the harbor area to the west.



A fairly open point, this is normally a US staging area as it’s the closest point to the US spawn.



Sitting at the mouth of the valley and overlooking the temple. this flag is a sniper favorite.



The market flag sits nestled opposite the centre island on the east side of the river. 0nce captured this flag spawns an Infantry Fighting Vehicle.



Continuing upstream on the east side of the river. we find the Hill Village. This flag is the closest flag to the Chinese spawn. and a good place to hunt for Chinese tanks as an engineer!



Continuing on the east side from the D flag, we find the Chinese spawn.



To the west of the Chinese spawn and in the inner corner of the river past the waterfall. we find the Power Station overlooking the valley below.



Below the Power Station and the waterfall on the west side of the river. we find the Wood Yard, which also spawns an Infantry Fighting Vehicle once captured.


On the center island on the opposite end of the temple we have the infantry-friendly but still open hilltop pavilion flag.



Finally, on the opposite end of Flag ‘G from the central island. we find the Temple – a large, multi-leveled infantry playspace.

Dragon Valley 2015 supports the following game modes:

Conquest Large/Small
Air Superiority
Domination [Noshahr Area]
Team Death Match [Noshahr Area]
Gun Master [Noshahr Area]
Squad Death Match [Noshahr Area]


0ne of the game modes we are very excited about on this map is Rush. Rush was first featured in Battlefield Bad Company 2 [and to some degree Battlefield Bad Company 1]. meaning Dragon Valley has never had a single MCCM explode on its soil until now.

With Dragon Valley being our classic map we figured we should make our Rush layout a tad more classic as well. Influenced by BFBC2 Rush map layouts, we ended up with a 5 step layout, and we hope you like it!

Here is the list of the changes in this release that didn’t fit into a featured section or was a straight-up bug fix. All changes apply to all platforms unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Updated Desert Eagle dogtag unlock to track properly

Animation: Potential fix for the issue where players sometimes looks like they slide after being revived.

Animation: Additional improvement for the so-called “zouzou iump”

Audio: Fixed an issue where an underwater sound effect would be playing when spawning into any level [with water] for the first time

Audio: V0 is no longer triggered when you pass through anti-theft security systems on Siege of Shanghai.

Squad replacement system:

Changed timeout to replace squad leader to 60s from 30s
Fixed issue where any squad member leaving the squad clears the order

Fixed vaulting issue with split window in destructible Tibet buildings [used in several maps]. The cross bar is now automatically destroyed when both panes of glass are taken out.

Consoles: Added Year 2 credits to main menu

PC: Fixed an issue where the Pause menu would re-open after hitting ESC

PC, PS4 5 XBOX 0NE: Latin America servers are now available!

A new region filter has been added to the server browser. Quick-match supports this new region.

Squad 0b|iteration improvements
Now uses 10s killcam. Should discourage insta-deploy button when dying after a revive.
Fixed an issue where two bombs could be visible on the map and UI simultaneously.
Fixed an issue where player dropped bombs would not work properly if you went out of bounds and came back.
Fixed a rare bug where multiple bombs can appear when killing a person who is out of bounds.
Capture The Flag: Russian MRAP – The flag should now appear above the hatch-like object on the vehicle roof, similar to the US version


Various Weapons had incorrect magazine sizes:
ACE 23: now correctly listed as 35 from 30
CZ-3A1: now correctly listed as 30 from 20
.JS2: now correctly listed as 30 from 50
93R: now correctly listed as 15 from 15

Various RPM data corrections:
AK-12: now correctly listed as S50rpm from B80rpm
LSAT: now correctly listed as 650rpm from 700rpm
G18: now correctly listed as EI00rpm from 1100rpm
93R: now correctly listed as 900rpm from 1100rpm

Weapon caliber corrections:
A-91: now correctly listed as 5.5Bmm from 5.45mm
Shotgun reload animation timing inconsistencies fixed

DMR damage dropoff balance tweaks:
DBU-88: damage dropoff end increased to 90m from 65m.
SKS: damage dropoff end increased to 75m from 60m.
L85: Corrected laser sight alignment in first person.
SR33B: rangefinder maxrange to 1000m from 500m.
Motion Ball: New effect for the ball “death” explosion to make this event more visible.

Weapon appearance: Added the ability to use the “no paint” option[can be found at the bottom of the selector in the UI] for these weapons:

0 UMP-S. CS-LR4, Type-95B-1, SCAR-H SV, 93R. RPK-12, AKU-12, SVD-12. DBV-12, ACE 21 COB. ACE 52 COB, ACE 53 SVg Engineer repair-tool repair-rate: All transport vehicles are now back to 1.0 multiplier

[BF4 release value]
Parachutes: Parachute customization is now available to everyone!
Damage over time occlusion added [through wall damage]
fixed:M34 [Incendiary] grenades now correctly deals damage to friendlies when friendly fire is enabled on the server

Most props and projectiles with damage over time now have the occlusion testing enabled. and thus don’t damage through walls any longer.

Poison Arrow improvements:
Fixed visibility issues by matching visual effects closer to Damage over Time.
No longer poisons players through walls as part of the damage over time occlusion change.
Audio: fixed an issue where the ally soldier grenade voice over would trigger from the arrow.

MAV EMP dart: Updated HUD to only show available ammo when you can actually fire the dart.
Fixed mismatching audio issue with ACE-21 C05 suppressed audio being at a lower RDF than the weapon RDF.

Continued tuning of the anti-air missiles to improve consistency. and fixed an issue where the missiles.

would possibly loop around the targeted vehicle.

Acceptance angle increased to 6° from 5°.
Max turn angle increased to 1003 from 350.
Engine time to ignition reduced to 0.1 from 0.5.
Acceleration reduced to 82.5m/st from 350m/s‘ [this massive number was a build issue].
Increased lock range to 580m from 450m.

Acceptance angle increased to 6° from 5°.
Max turn angle increased to 720 from 250.
Engine time to ignition reduced to 0.1 from 0.5.
Engine strength increased to 57.5 from 50.

Tweaked near target detonation:
Minimum delay set to 0.8.
Maximum delay set to 1.0.

Star streak HVM
Max turn angle increased to 1008 from 350.

AA Mine
Matched acceleration and maximum speed with heatseekers

a Mobile Anti Air: changed damage multipliers
Transport Heli to 0.6 from 1.0.
RHIB to 0.6 from 1.0.
FAC to 0.18 from 0.25.
Jeeps to 0.6 from 0.5.

Max turn angle increased to 720 from 250.
Tweaked near target detonation:
Minimum delay set to 0.8.
Maximum delay set to 1.0.

Active Radar Missiles
Max turn angle increased to 1008 from 350
Tweaked near target detonation:
Minimum delay reduced to 0.6 from 1.5
Maximum delay reduced to 0.8 from 2.0

Passive Radar Missiles
Max turn angle increased to 1003 from 350.
IR Smoke: now correctly activates when in water for these vehicles:
Main Battle Tanks: M1 Abrams, Type-B9, T-90.

Infantry Fighting Vehicles: ZBD-09, BTR-90
Fixed camera exposure setting inconsistencies, affected vehicles:
BTR-90. Tunguska. Type-99. PGZ-05.

Autoloader/Belt feeder bonus now correctly applies to secondary weapons:
LMGs on Infantry Fighting Vehicles.
Zuni Rockets on Infantry Fighting Vehicles.
TOW missile on BTR.
Burst/30mm cannon on RU DV-15.
All secondaries for Jets, Attack boats and Mobile Anti Air.
Attack helicopter gunner seat.

Does not apply to TV-missiles

Laser designation
Significantly improved accuracy of aircraft tracking with TOWs from the ground.

Tank Staff shell
Time to live reduced to 6.5s from 10s.
Improved hit detection against small moving targets.

Tank HE shell
Updated text description.
Reload time reduced to 2.5s from 3.03.
Damage reduced to 186 from 200.
Inner blast radius reduced to 1.25 from 1.3.
Blast radius reduced to 5 from 5.5.
Ammunition: AutoRep|enishDe|ay reduced to 8 from 10.

Attack Boats
Ammunition: AutoRep|enishDe|ay of main cannon increased to 14 from 12.

Time to live reduced to 7 from 10.
improved hit detection against small moving targets.

TOW [ground vehicles]
Matched reloadtime and rate of fire with attack heli version.
Rate of Fire increased to 150 from 120.
Reload time increased to 5 from 3.6.

AA Missiles for vehicles [except Active Radar].
Acceptance angle increased to 6° from 5°.

GAU Cannon
Reduced time to live. as previously introduced speed inheritance increased range effectively.

General Damage changes:
Reduced damage of miniguns to attack boats by 20%


TOW missile Ul [attack helicopters]: replaced predicting I beam 6 static crosshair with predicting crosshair.

Increased vertical airspace:
Hammerhead ceiling raised by 240m to a total of 440m

Giants of Karelia ceiling raised by 260m to a total of 480m
Commo rose Audio Improvements [when inside vehicles]

Fixed issue where ‘Negative 6 Affirmative’ commo rose V0 not playing if 2 or more people are in vehicle together.
Fixed issue where ‘Get 0ut’ commo rose V0 not playing if 2 or more players are in vehicle together NO was only triggering after player exited vehicle].
Fixed issue where ‘Get 0ut’ V0 could be heard by enemy players.
Requesting 0rders’ commo rose now functions the same as ‘Negative 6 Affirmative’comrose.

J-20 Jet: Shifted center of mass slightly forward to keep it from rolling backwards when on the ground.
LAV25: Fixed issue where the fire extinguisher previously didn’t show in the HUD.
Fire Extinguisher: ground vehicles now show countdown in HUD.
Active Protection: removed active string display, as this causes issues when entering the vehicle while active protection is reloading.
ECM improvements: Air aiming now includes the MinRadius correctly in the calculation used resulting in more reliability/efficiency.
Much needed wash: reduced the intensity of dirt on the cockpit glass for all aircraft.
All aircraft wreckage now correctly de-spawns/explodes.
Fixed an issue where vehicles could drive through bollards as a result of high tickrate netcode.

Scaled the bollards up by 30% for more consistent collision detection
Set the bollards raycast mesh to sewer side [othenlvise there was a de-sync when bollards were lowered].

Fixed an issue with the M60 ULT service star where kills was counted correctly.
Attack Helicopter 6 Jets Hydra missiles predictive sights are now better aligned. especially when flying sideways.
Removed speed inheritance from land based active radar missiles.

Console Aim Assist: Added server setting. You can now fully disable both types of aim-assist on your ranked servers!
All Consoles: Added “ALL” option to the server browser “Free Slot” filter.

PC: Game time players are now only allowed to play in official servers.
PS4: Added support for the network graph [will be enabled early next year].

0ur quest for the best networking in a multiplayer game continues with the Holiday release.

Improvements to vegetation destruction to look more smooth.
Fixed bullet spawning 6 muzzle flash de-syncs.
Added support for high frequency update for the full weapon component to decrease time difference between hit application and weapon firing.

Improved instant-hit bullet delays [like the knife].
Better averaging of packets to keep the whole system more steady and robust overall.
Added new RecvRate line in the graph representing sewer receive rate.

We have implemented a system which optimizes the network traffic from the sewer to each client. The goal of this system is for the sewer to only send data at such rates that the clients can cope with.

This send rate [of the objects updated at high frequency] is individually selected for each client based on the bandwidth and latency of the client’s network connection and the client’s rendering frame rate [frame rate mainly applicable on PC].

The rate in the best case equals the game tick rate and can go down all the way to 20Hz when necessary.

– Added an advanced gameplay option to switch the system on/off [default on].
– Added new RecvRate line in the network graph showing the rate the local client is receiving data [for the objects updated at high frequency] from the server.

Various Game Time improvements like:
Improved Error messages in UGM.
Quick match now only filters for official servers.
Full server pages are now accessible.
Improved server browser filtering to display official servers.
The current amount of your earned Service stars are now displayed.
Fixed translation and text formatting issues in the ingame battlelog for PS4.
Updated match making behavior for ranked BF4 sewers.
Minor tweaks to the chat functionality.
Improved stats view for weapons and vehicles when viewing another user on tablet or mobile.

General improvements on BF4 reports regarding various sewer types.


Fixed spawn point that occasionally spawned players underground.
Fixed an issue where spawns on 0biective A as Chinese team would end up out of bounds.
Updated loading screens with the three winners from our screenshot competition.

congratulations goes out to: Shadow6ix, Terra-Immortal 6 Vederstyggelsel.

Fixed an issue where the player got stuck on the helipad stairs.
Fixed collision issue in tunnel under Panopticon.

Download the Official PDF here: https://eaassets-a.akamaihd.net/dice…lidayPatch.pdf

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