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Battlefield 4 Update Sep 1st – All Platforms

The summer Battlefield 4 update/patch is finally here bringing the ”Night Operations DLC” and Battlefield 4 updates such as: General improvements, Networking, Audio, Persistence, Vehicles, Weapons, Game Mode, Maps and last of all Battlelog Updates.

Here is the detailed list of changes and improvements included in the Summer Patch. All changes apply to all platforms unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Fixed a number of known exploits in the game
Added the Team balancer (featured) as a default server option for larger modes
In Combat
Fixed an issue where players were able to spawn on a squad mate under fire (in combat)
Removed suppression active check, now only looks at suppression increase as an in combat trigger

Added the Zavod: Graveyard Shift map
Added server preset (Standard, Classic, Hardcore) to the deploy screen
Updated soldier animations to fix the issue where viewing players running backwards would cause leg popping when changing the movement direction slightly between back-left and back-right.
Added the ability for all unlocks to be used in unranked servers, this applies to weapons and attachments including all premium weapons.
Soldier Movement: Slowed down side to side from 0.4 -> 0.35 on soldier sidestep to make that movement less jerky
Fixed an issue with the pillbox featured in Zavod and other levels. Bipods can now be deployed on the window sills of these pillboxes
Changed max default spotting distance to 200m on night maps
Fixed an issue where players would randomly take damage and even die from walking on certain staircases or other slanting objects
Fixed an issue where players took damage from vaulting over objects and landing “hard” incorrectly
PS3: Various crash fixes based on memory optimization
ALL CONSOLES: Allow players to leave a squad in game created through the Squad Join feature
ALL CONSOLES: Added Night Operations Large, Night Operations and Night Operations Infantry quick match selections for the Zavod: Graveyard shift map


Updated server stall detection to better track servers going bad
Improved packet loss handling for clients
Improved “rubber banding” handling on client and server
Fixed an issue where the local player’s health would be incorrect if they took damage while regenerating health
Changed FrameHistoryTime variable to 1 to prevent dusting on fast moving vehicles (mainly jets)
Updated server & client code to support variable tick/simulation rates (featured)
Added indicators for current server “tick rate”/simulation rate on loading screen (>30hz only) and deploy screen
Network status communications suite: Added HUD indicators & warnings for bad or mediocre network connections (featured)
PC/PS4/XB1: Significantly Improved client to client damage delay by forcing all clients to send damage based on framerate instead of simulation rate

Enabled Audio obstruction (featured)

Added Dog tag that will track players knife kills
Fixed an issue where the incorrect numerical value is displayed on MBT dog tags, showing total medals earned instead of ribbons
Fixed kill tracking on missing Mastery Dog Tags which were added in a previous patch. Progress will now reflect overall kills with those weapons


Vehicle turrets:
Updated turret logic to allow variable simulation rates
Added vehicle sensitivity slider for all input devices on all platforms
Added new input curves for all vehicle turrets in the game
PC: Fixed an issue where turning fast with the mouse would sometimes snap the view in the opposite direction/edge

Fixed an issue where free look cameras in vehicles were negatively affected by framerate dips causing slower than intended movement. Now mimics soldier look accurately.

Jet changes:
Reverted attack jet physics to original setup (313)
Fixed an issue where mobility hits would cause a un-salvageable stall
Fixed an issue where jets would flip upside down in a jittery fashion when mobility hit

Aircraft interior glass got a pass for the Summer Patch. Reflection brightness, glass color and opacity have been unified across the board. Reflection brightness has been greatly reduced to improve visibility
Fixed an issue where players were unable to cause damage to an enemy standing in an open seat on any vehicle with any type of missile
Fixed the wake effect of jet skis for night vision
Reduced brightness of tank FLIR/IRNV HUD from 2 to 0.45.
Reduced bloom scale in vehicle FLIR.
Increased PLD IRNV range from 300/45 vehicle/soldier to 375/100.
All vehicles in Zavod: Graveyard shift now have headlights and interior lights

Attack Helicopter Smart rockets:
Reduced Rate Of Fire to 200 from 300
Reduced max turning angle from 30 to 10, tracking less powerful against moving targets

Mobile Anti Air:
Adjusted overheat ratios to be more balanced between 20mm and 30mm.
20 mm has better range and is easier to use thanks to faster bullets.
30 mm has more consistent damage thanks to lower spread.

Lock on missiles – make counter measures more effective and consistent
Turn rates reduced to stop missiles from doing instant 180s.
Reduced time to activate guidance system in most missiles
Blast radii has been tweaked up to reduce “dusting”
Changed damage type from blast damage to impact damage – for example using IR smoke in a tank causing a near miss will no longer damage your tank almost max damage from the blast of the near missed missile

Hydra rockets, Smart & Zuni rockets now properly damage walls
PS4: Fixed an issue where reinstalling the game caused corrupt vehicle customization
PS3/PS4: Fixed an issue where vehicle customizations would revert to default after re-formatting the PS3/PS4.

Fixed a long time issue where infantry weapons fail to reload properly (looked like they did, really didn’t)
Decreased tracer frequency for full auto weapons from every one to every third bullet shot.

Effective angle is now 145 degrees
Flash duration reduced for friendlies to 0.6s
No longer blinds dead people
Increased the suppression effect from flashbang explosions
Reduced number of default flashbangs from 3 to 2
Updated effect to work exactly the same in dark and light environments
Shielded players in vehicles (ex: tank driver) no longer gets blinded – open vehicle seats will however
Reduced time to live from 10s to 1.5s. This prevents players from dropping flashbangs from tall buildings at enemies below
Improved target line of sight obstruction testing

TV Missiles
Soldier damage multiplier is now .3 up from .1. This allows TV missiles to kill soldiers without the flak field upgrade outside of road kills.
Blast radius increased from 1.5m to 3m
Improved the responsiveness and steering slightly
Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in mid-air when exiting an Attack Helicopter & Attack Boats after firing TV missile

Increased SRAW range and top speed slightly
Fixed an issue which would cause blue flashes when player fires anti-tank weapon at a bright white source, e.g. the sun.
Tweaked and improved visibility of the night vision optics at night
Fixed an issue where the HUD on the UCAV would blink intermittently
Tracer polish. Lowered brightness, thickness and length.
Reintroduced the AN94 bipod. It will be unlocked by default.
Removed extended barrel when using Heavy Barrel on PDWs. Affects MX4, P90, UMP45, and UMP9.
Added blinking red light to M15 AT mines to increase visibility in night map (and other dark areas)
Renamed all the mentions for RPK-74M to RPK, and renamed L96A1 to L115
Fixed an animation issue with the Mare’s Leg in 3rd person
Mare’s Leg: Added heavy barrel option, which can lower the spread from .2 to .1
M26 Dart: Increased pellet count to 19 from 12 to bring in-line with M26 MASS
Decreased headshot multiplier for revolvers/slugs/Desert Eagle from 2.35 to 2.13. This prevents pump action slugs from being able to one hit kill at infinite range and keeps Mare’s leg one hit kill headshot at ranges below 40m
L86: reduced horizontal recoil from 0.185/0.185 to 0.16/0.16
Zeroing fixes
CS5 add 1.004 initial bullet speed (y axis). Change displayed Zero from 100m to 75m
AS Val 1.41929 initial bullet speed (y axis). Changes zero from 50m to 35m, consistent with other suppressed PDWs
Groza-4: 1.41929 initial bullet speed (y axis). Changes zero from 30m to 35m.
AK5C: unsuppressed bullet velocity reduced from 630 to 620. Changes zero from 61m to 60m. Consistent with other carbines

Head-glitch fixes:
Added fix (spawn bullets from closer to barrel) on all four M26 variants.
Added a new JDAM explosion effect


Gun Master fixes:
Fixed an issue where the tension music remains after a user that reached last level quits the session
Fixed an issue where stats wouldn’t get tracked properly
Fixed an issue where using gun emplacements could cause a server crash
Added live scoreboard functionality
Updated Gun Master to display infinite magazines in the HUD


Enabled ladders for all modes except Defuse and Gun Master

ZAVOD: 311
Fixed an exploit where players could leave the game world
Enabled ladders for all modes except Defuse and Gun Master

Optimized memory usage

Xbox 360: Optimized memory usage

Fixed pink I beam on a collapsible building

Removed requirement for Google Chrome plug-in support as Origin now provides that functionality. (You will be able to download and update your Battlefield 4 client now, but this feature will be activated at a later date.)

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