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Battlefield 4 Game & Server Crashing

Most of you by now have had the joys of errors and Battlefield 4 game server crashes. We know how this feels with our own servers trying to keep them stable.

Dice and game server providers have zero info yet on how this will be resolved. We have listed what info we have found so far.

I will rattle of a few problems people are having in Battlefield 4:

Audio Glitches (Sound going on and off).
High frame rates (People using SLI getting 30 fps)
Servers randomly start lagging and become unplayable.
Soon after the lag the server will crash. (Makes your sitting there getting it full a waste of time and money).

Now i could sit and list a million more but i feel these are the main ones that need fixing right away. The info below is a combination of server provider and DICE feedback that may or not help you along the way but what i do know is make sure you update your PunkBuster like it says below!

The launch of Battlefield 4 is in full swing and the majority of our fans are having a good time. We’ve noticed that some players on PC are experiencing crashes, something that we understand can be frustrating. Rest assured that we are working to address these issues.

If you’re having problems, please make sure to follow these steps:
-Make a clean install of PunkBuster by removing your original install and re-download the client.
-Repair the Battlefield 4 installation by right-clicking on your game inside of the Origin client.
-Make sure that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.

AMD Drivers: Download
Nvidia Drivers: Download

Note that the recent issue where players that were using AMD cards on Windows 8 would get a red screen has been fixed with the recent AMD graphics cards driver update.

Please help us gather more information about issues by posting at EA Answer HQ.


** Server Starting Issues **
If you are having issues with your server coming online. Make sure the following two vars are NOT in your Startup.txt


Having either of these in the Startup.txt will cause the server to remain down.
Oct 30, 2013 – 1:23pm EDT

**BF4 Crashing Issues**
There are reports of numerous crashes occurring in the current build of the server.

We are automatically collecting and reporting crashes to DICE for review. You do not need to submit a ticket regarding this issue. We anticipate the major crashing issues will be fixed quickly with an upcoming patch or hotfix.

We will try and keep you updated as we know this is a frustrating situation.

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