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Battlefield 4 Fall Patch Beta R2

Today the gang at DICE are swapping to the staging branch – this means they are 1:1 with the coming Battlefield 4 Fall Patch content. They will leave this build and look at stability over the coming week – so please help them and play as MUCH as possible!
These are the changes included in this release:

Known issues
The loading screen is not correct (it still says DEV ALPHA, we are in BETA!)

Community Map Updates
High quality light bake after adding proper layers and Rich’s hospital fix
Moved light in hospital a bit to make more sense.
Fixes to game modes and spawns.
Different material needed on concrete: added dirt on top, set dressed decal for braking up lines.
Temple: Added new material to pillars.
Adding muddy container – bug fixing and optimization.
Fix to Rush EOR camera.
Removing dirtpile form gen3 – terrain adjustments.
Marked red locker assets state 1 to indestructible to help it disappear dring destruction.
Wood tiles look: cloned asset and added collision setting, added new shader with dirt texture.
Adjusting US spawn area.
Fix to deploy PiP camera.
The floor in the plantation factory is too shiny, also has issues with missing assets: adjusted floor shader, added tire lines, moved shadow object to other layer.
Replacing temple foundation and gen3 optimizations.
Fixed a road, one was not “closed” properly.
Lowered green light intensity in barracks, Fixed schematic so it turns off properly
Added LODs for Temple Border Gate and filled hole.
Updates to terrain streaming
Water: Puddle Shader fixs, Lake position fixs
Optimization: Parrot removed for gen3 :(, Gen4 Parrot position tweaks
Offset collision box at gas tank 60m NW of point E (Plantation)
Chainlink – Capture areas for objectives are now present on the minimap
Temple stairs textured with raycast and collision. MP_CMP_TempleFoundationStairs01
RockCave wall shader polish with moss
Updating collisions for temple foundation parts
Added variations to the tarps and fixed lods for temple wall
Fix to CQL boundaries by US base to prevent players from being able to stand on mountainside.
Lighting: turning off streaming for the CloudLayeshadows_01_D, re-froze the gen3 version after the texture compression change
Water puddle polish cave grass mask tweaks
Minor adjustments to CQL and CQS boundaries and capture areas.
Added 2nd UV channel. Tweaked shader (for RockWall_02)
Audio: Sound Area boundary adjustments, Amplitude adjustments and several other tweaks and improvements.
Adjusted Sound Area geometries in 2 building objects
Remove cruise missiles from obliteration.
Optimize rock shader for CMP: Stripped detail normals for Gen3, Removed snow sparkle from moss shader block, Removed advanced moss mask for Gen3 spec and smoothness (was already removed for diffuse), Saves about 1ms world time from heavier views.
Fix for untextured stairs. MP_CMP_TempleFoundationStairs02 and 01
Adding destruction schematic for temple walls so it will destroy properly
Color grading pass. Rebaked Gen4 lighting and freeze bake
Gen3 terrain masking and bugfixing
Removing pink terrain from MP CMP (it was too awesome)
Fixed UV’s on stilt house and cinderblock house
Optimized tree leaf shader. Saves approx 1ms in bad views.
Optimization to halfres
Waterfall Cave Grass Mask Tweaks
Road smoothing and rock materials balancing
Effects: Optimization for PS3
Added Loading music for CMP
Adjusting road splines
Optimizing rockwaterfall shader
Palm oil truck: Edited collision, moved trucks lower, and added junk underneath to help with vaulting.
Adjusting potted hate plant
Adjusted shader to make the stilts wet in the logging camp.
Replacing all boardwalk assets to look more consistent
Tighted up some rock collision
Added schematic for proper destruction of bulk containers
Fixing for several clipping/floating objects
Adjusted collision mesh for temple
Lighting: Stairs 01and 02 – enlighten, coll, raycast, 2nd UVs
Adjusted collision for temple shrine

Gameplay Updates
Reverts Smokescreen VFX to current retail/Y203 state, as the new VFX is not ready to ship for Y204.
Icons on the minimap now scale down when below the player, and up then above the player (both transparent).
Tweaked the values of when the scaled icons are turned on above and below you. Now starts at 3.5m and ends at 7m (from 2.8m to 4.5m prev). This means 1.5 stories in most of our buildings to _start_ the transition.
Updates sound effects to fit new Countermeasure timings
GLOBAL – Air Superiority – Capture Area is missing from the minimaps
Lock ons: While locking indicators appeared, warn tones/indicators broke, meaning that AA missiles hit aircraft without any indication – this is now fixed.
The Leaning option was broken in active gameplay (in fall patch) – this is now fixed.
Squad Obliteration: Increased the size of Home Team restricted areas to prevent bomb holding exploit. Players should have the bomb reset out of their hands, Fixed restricted zones for CMP SQOBL, Fixed floating bomb on CMP, Fixed Bombsite interesecting a brick on CMP, Be sure to reset the bomb location immediately if the player suicides or dies out of bounds or in the restricted area. Prevents bomb holding exploits.
MAA changes: Reduced damage of 20 and 30mm. added range falloff, Reduced TTL of AH missiles (effectily reducing range), Reduced damage multiplier for AA vs soldiers

Min Damage 4.2 (12.6)
Max Damage 12.6 (15)
Falloff Start 600 (10)
Falloff End 1000 (50)
Min Damage 21 (42)
Max Damage 42 (49)
Falloff Start 700 (15)
Falloff End 1000 (50)
AA vs Infantry multiplier reduced to 0.57 (0.67)
AH missile range reduced to ~750
Fix for Killed In Action to not show up if you’re in Commander mode

Teamplay Updates
Domination – Squad orders now reset (like in other modes) after the flag is captured (causing squad leaders to be more active).

High tickrate/Netcode Updates
Fixes a fatal assert on bitstream send
Implement ability to send 1210 bytes per packet instead of 1024
Re-Implement sliding window of 128 bits to cover 1s for super high tickrates

Misc Updates
Added (back) stairs to obj F in Zavod Night
PS3: The user was randomly kicked out from the server with a lost connection error message – this is now fixed and also fixes a map transition issue.
Tweaked the Gen4 Connection representation on the Server Browser to better represent pings.
Siege of Shanghai – The user was able to get under the map in the prone position near objective A on Siege of Shanghai – added collision volume to the prefab and adjusted entrance asset placement to prevent player gets into under the building.
Fixed memory leak in ServerTransationManager caused by not calling deflateEnd on the zlib stream (when players leave) – this could potentially fix/improve server degradation.

Summer Patch coherence
This release also includes a full integration of the Summer Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the Jets should be back to 313 “normal” setup again etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!

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