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Battlefield 4: Electronic Arts Buys BF4.com For $9,000

Electronic Arts buys BF4.com for Battlefield 4! Electronic Arts is among some of the latest big name domain buyers at Sedo last week. EA have now added this new domain to there massive list priced at $9,000.

On Sedo you can sell your website names (domain names) on a auction style website, and if you are lucky enough to get hold of a good name that somebody else really wants like EA you can make a lot of money out of it and i can imagine the person who sold the domain name BF4.COM is a very happy person indeed!

Sedo had some huge sales last week, including Moms.com for $252,000. The whois record for Moms.com still shows Sedo, so we don’t yet know how bought the domain. Here are some of Sedo’s other end user sales last week.

Electronic Arts bought BF4.com for $9,000, which is short for its Battlefield 4 game.

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