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Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth – Map Listing

The Battlefield 4 action moves into dense Asian Pacific cities. Join the urban all-out war with game-changing destruction in four all-new multiplayer maps in Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth.

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth drops you into urban combat across Asian cities in four all-new multiplayer maps. Wreak havoc in a floating restaurant or drain the lake opening up for a frontal vehicle assault, all while the battle rages between the modern high rises of Sunken Dragon. Fight among the huge monuments of despots in the grey concrete Propaganda. Wage wars within the bustling alleyways and upon the rooftops of Pearl Market. Cruise with fast-moving PWC’s on the canals in the pristine park to get the upper hand in the blazing infantry battle of Lumphini Garden.

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth also includes five new weapons, the Ballistic shield, the controllable unmanned ground vehicle R.A.W.R., ten assignments and the new game mode Chain Link, where you create chains by linking together capture points to win the battle.


4 all-new multiplayer maps set in Asian cities:
– Lumphini Garden.
– Pearl Market.
– Propaganda.
– Sunken Dragon.

5 weapons all-new to Battlefield 4.
Unlock the new gadget – a Ballistic shield that blocks incoming bullets.
A new Battle pickup: The R.A.W.R., a heavily armed remotely operated ground vehicle.
Link together capture points to win the battle in the new Chain Link game mode.
10 new assignments with unlocks for each.

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