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Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley CTE Footage

I have created this Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley community test environment video for you so i can show you what it looks like now it has been re-made, please bare in mind this video is about showing you the map more then action.

Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley Footage

If you did not read my post yesterday (Battlefield 4 CTE Classic Map Project – Dragon Valley) i will explain a little bit before i carry on.

To me Battlefield 2 was my greatest moments/times ever playing a game the maps where great but two of them stood out more then any.. Strike at Karkand (which they ruined in BF3) and Dragon Valley, me and my team loved it so much we dedicated our 64 player server just for it and oh my it was never empty.

As you can imagine when i heard they where remaking Dragon Valley i was so excited and happy that DICE listened to the veterans for once and not just the crying trolls. Playing Dragon Valley for the first time on Battlefield 4 is a complete game changer with the destruction and too many trees, i will say the map itself is unrecognizable if you have not played it all that much.

Now i have played it a bit it is a little bit more familiar….

In the below video i have tried to show you the map more then killing, for one i was lagging and two i needed to set my keys correctly but i hope you find it interesting and like what you see. The map itself looks great and this is only Version 1 of the map so it can only get better from feedback and once i manage to grab an empty server i will do a quick flythrough.

You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.

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