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Battlefield 4 CTE Summer Patch Testing Imminent

You will all be glad to hear the Battlefield 4 CTE summer patch will soon be here and the CTE members will be able to test it out, some of the team at DICE have been away but are all now back and ready for action so keep reading for the full list!

Dice: t1gge
Aaaand we are back!

Now in full force here at DICE LA back from vacations and paternity-leaves! Thank you to all of you staying active during this period of less action. We are back and we are going to crank up the releases starting today!

As some of you noticed we have been publishing some CTE updates without news-coverage (and change logs) during my absence with this update I’ll try to make sure we include all the changes made up until now from the Dragon Valley release three or so weeks ago.

Today’s release marks the last proto release for some time as we are nearing the finalization of the summer patch as usual this means we will be publishing CTE builds (on both PC and Xbox One) which as closely as possible mimics the final Summer Patch release contents.

Don’t fear, we will get at least two weeks of Dragon Valley action on the Xbox One CTE once we are done testing Summer patch release content. I’ll keep you guys posted on the status (and it also means you will be playing the very latest version of the map when it happens before PC!).

Battlefield 4 CTE Summer Patch Testing Imminent

That means the near future for CTE releases looks something like this:

CTE PC Release Proto (today)
Includes the latest proto branch (more or less 1:1 with Summer patch branch) for specific testing of reload bug fix and other things.
CTE PC/XB1 Release Staging (Summer Patch)
Includes the latest Summer patch branch content and fixes for performance, stability and sanity testing (We need your help hammering our night map and our changes to the game here!)
CTE PC/XB1 Release Staging #2, #3 etc
We will follow up the first Staging release with as many updates as we deem necessary based on the testing and data we seen when you play on the CTE for both platforms.
CTE XB1 Dragon Valley release
Once we are out of Summer Patch testing mode we will enable Dragon Valley (latest data) on the Xbox One CTE for at least two weeks.
CTE PC/XB1 Release Proto
Back to normal where we disable the Valley map on Xbox one and start focusing on our next map to be released the Community Map. We are planning to have a pretty major update at this point as our artists are hard at work building on this map right now while we will be testing out the Summer Patch contents!

[SIZE=3]This is the changes added in this and previous releases starting from CL 163420 (Dragon Valley release):

Zavod Graveyard Shift Updates
Fixed flickering lights issue on PS3 based on sunlight.
Fixing all the flares and lights on vehicles.
Fixed a light at C
Fixed the interior fog which was popping in and out
Added a light to street signs
Tweaked levolution VFX at night through new smoke VFX
Rebaked all lights Gen4 (PS4/Xbox One)
Moved lights from destructible areas (levelution) that do not work correctly
Added lights to C where in the area that gets too dark
Corrected compression, fog settings, sky rotation and values
Added Night Operations Large, Night Operations & Night Operations Infantry to quick match and support Squad Join (console) properly.
Fix for destruction crash in Abandoned/Night.
Zavod Night: increasing transparency through .50 cal static MGs, adding .50 cal to vehicle bundles.

High Tickrate Changes
Fixed the stuttering train (Propaganda), the Paracel storm boat levelution and other animation driven features that was previously stuttering when running high tickrate.
Fixed issue where the user experienced a stutter effect when climbing a ladder with a hatch door on high tick rate servers.
Set a max rotation rate for the static cameras free look. Thus cranking up mouse or joystick sensitivity doesn’t make the free look unusable
The soldier will now no longer take damage or get killed in action when vaulting on high tick rate servers
Vehicle Chassis Replication improvements: Properly blend between extrapolation and interpolation and use 2nd order extrapolation (this caused stutters of vehicles on peripheral vision and otherwise on high tickrate servers). Fix from our friends at Visceral/Hardline.
Added RSP (Rental Server Provider) commands to enable limiting server max tickrates on particular hardware.

Community Map Changes
Added height fog
Added specular to the mud shader, painted road in lighter color & optimized raster data
Added color map (colors!)
Adjusted terrain height
Added cover, color and spreading out villages
Smoothed connection of roads
Terrain shader updates and adding some cover to logging camp
Color correction, shader fix, flying trees fix
adjusted terrain height mainly around road, added road for more detail and adjusted terrain around roads
Adjusted water shader for the river; adjusted terrain for river update; deleted props in level.
Update to waterfall cave, updating water shader and temple reflections.
Updated vegetation & temple POI.
RHIB spawn point is adjusted in the map.

Gameplay Updates
Turret fixes for vehicles. Set new values for threshold, acceleration, and dampening. New values remove all controller dead zones.
In Combat: Removed supression active check (left the suppression increase check only) from the squad deploy in combat disables
Hovercraft. Tuning controls to allow players to turn without forward momentum.
Jet revert should now be back to the original setup (313). Let us know if not the case!
Fix for passive radar missiles to make them continue flying when unguided.
TV Missiles. Reverting UCAV physics and increasing dampening to make its turning more accurate. Decreased collision volume size to prevent bouncing off collision.
Fix for APS to make it block laser guided missiles.
Fix for blinking HUD on UCAV
Flashbangs retune & Fixes: Tuned the HUD World Icons disappearance to match the VE blind effect. If the player is in a shielded entry (e.g. tank seat) they don’t get blinded anymore. For the raycast-test use the detailed mesh (and handle see-through materials properly) instead of the simple collision shapes
Fixed issue where players got stuck mid air (unable to move) once exiting a vehicle (Attack heli gunner seat for instance) based on using the TV missile. Please help us make sure this fix works!

Weapons Updates
Fixed the reload bug where client and server was out of sync. AKA Fake-reload bug.

Misc Fixes
Network related crash fix (Socket stream)
Team balancer: Fixed crashes when transitioning between SQDM and team based game modes.
Team balancer: Fixed bug in the manual switch team rules where it would not correctly compare the team sizes when deciding if the teams would become too unbalanced.
Added Live-scoreboard support for the Gun-Master game-mode
Added new stat event to track gunmaster level
Creating RCON/RSP option to enable/disable skill based team balancer (vars.SkillBasedBalance, vsbb).

CTE only changes
Fixed a CTE only issue where the metal storm could flip tanks and helicopters on high tick rate servers.

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