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Battlefield 4 CTE Summer Patch Final Test Release 2

The Battlefield 4 CTE summer patch is in it’s final stage of testing. And once it is final and updated it will go live for the vanilla (standard) versions of Battlefield 4. It contains such things like gameplay updates, Zavod updates and more.

Dice Tigge

We have seen an increase in crashes on certain Nvidia cards, especially on the night map thanks to all of you, we seem to have a reproduction case and we are talking with Nvidia and Frostbite about what could be the issue here and how we can fix it. We are also monitoring the CTE crash logs on a daily basis, so a crash is not missed!

The current Summer Patch focus will end (for now) on Thursday 6th of August which is when we will be going back to Proto, Fall patch focus and specifically the Community Map Project. We have been working tirelessly on this map for the last two weeks, and we are ready to kick in a much higher gear in this project now.

The upcoming release will feature updated Conquest layout, Conquest small layouts and focus on gameplay for conquest and cover in general. We will also have a new vote for you to help guide the project and we will be focusing the whole art & design team on pushing this map forward!

Until then we will be doing more high tickrate tests, and I hope you will stick with us!

As we are nearing our final build this is the time to make sure your issues are heard and seen by us! We are on a mission to make the summer patch the best received patch in BF4 so far and we need your help to make sure it gets there! Report any outstanding issues or problems you find in this thread we can’t promise we’ll get to all of course, but if there is any glaring large issues we will prioritize accordingly!
Battlelog / Battlefield 4

These are the changes included in this release:

Gameplay Updates
Flash bang issue where you saw a noisy texture (friendly flashes), or a black screen (enemy flashes) should now be fixed (you’ll see a white screen in both, but different durations).
TV-missiles: reverting the UCAV physics prototype and dampening to make turning more accurate. Decreased collision volume size to prevent bouncing off collision.
TV-missile: make user invisible when firing missile, prevents player from appearing in-front of helicopter.
Desert Eagle: Change the deagle projectile from sniper to DMR type.
Jets & Helis: Fixed an issue where so called mobility hits caused unrecoverable stalls based on client to server inconsistencies we need your input here on this being fixed!
Jets: Final revert back to original flight model for A-10, Fantan and SU-25 which lacked some of the changes. All jets should now be back to normal.
Jets & Helis: Removed yellow-orange color correction from cockpits of US and transport helis.

Zavod Graveyard Shift Updates
Moved rock to cover hole in terrain.
Addressed lighting performance in radar tower, fence near tank storage and living quarters.
Moved a couple lights in radar buildings to Gen4 only.
Fixed sky box compression issues and warmed up the sky to appear more night. Color correction also nudged. Re-bake of lighting

High tickrate changes
Framehistorytime set to 1.0 by default (not really a change, the servers have been using this for the last week this just makes the change permanent)
Updated the icon image used in tickrate popup to represent the final icons.

Misc updates
Adding check to prevent servers from crashing if an options file couldn’t be read.

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