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Battlefield 4 CTE Summer Patch Final Test 7

This Battlefield 4 CTE Summer Patch includes a partial fix for the device-hung issue that has been plaguing some players on Zavod Graveyard shift and on Pearl Market. Also includes: Partial Crash Fix and Gameplay Updates.

Dice – t1gge
We are working on a more full cover solution for tomorrow, but we’d like to test this now tonight as this will hopefully fix the bulk of the crashes.

We appreciate your patience with us when testing this! Please play as much as you can!

Let us know in the Reddit thread if this helped you: http://bit.ly/CTESUMMER4

These are the changes included in this release:

Partial Crash Fix (certain Nvidia cards)
Caused by forcing a high-end Depth Of Field effect which overloaded and hung these cards. Has now been turned off, but remnants might remain (when going into the menu etc) this will be fixed for tomorrows release.

Gameplay Updates
Vehicle Turrets: Final tuning pass, lowered the limitations of all turrets from 2x to 1.2x (multiple of the base speed of the turret). This affects mouse play only and limits the max turning radius to be much closer to the current retail max speed (as seen looking comparing time to turn 360 degrees). We made it slightly faster to have a buffer and not to hit the ceiling when under normal use.

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