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Battlefield 4 CTE Holiday Patch – Deathmatch

Today DICE are going back to the prototypes branch and re-focusing there work on the Battlefield 4 CTE Holiday patch. This means that Dragon Valley 2015 will be changing a lot over the coming weeks.

Community Map Updates
Adding game modes: 2x Team Death Match areas, 2x Gunmaster areas, 1x Squad Deathmatch
Changed factions of the map back to US vs CN.
New lighting on stilt house
Added moss on fishing shack
Starting blocking out of new overgrown area and also added rock near the farm
Water updated (now transparent)
Added reflections to temple puddles
Added a kudzu grove to the right past the Medical Facility coming from the US (former RU) side
Updated temple foundation
Added new warehouse object, added sound area to it
Tweaked the scatter meshes used (the low grass and smaller bushes)
Made smaller roof piece for the destructible huts
Full terrain polish pass on the whole level
Added more puddles, shaping and set-dressing in the river area.
Added some lights for helipad
Updated the temple area
Added flower scatter meshes, added flowers in the level for color variation
Added palm oil fruit truck
Fog color and density pass
Fog/lighting pass in temple area
Updated the rock face behind waterfall to better fit the level color wise
Added lockers to medical clinic
Added lights in medical facility/hospital
Ghost town pass – more refinement and terrain shaping.
Full first audio pass
Terrain and set dressing the “Huts” area (after kudzu grove coming from medical facility but before the logging camp/fishing village)
Added orange shack
Adding crashed helicopter
Updated the Chinese spawn area
Cover pass /sight line pass for the Palm Oil Facility TDM layer
Fixed palm oil seed pod collision
Updated leaf textures
Updated the logging camp flag set dressing
Added medical lab stairwell
Fixed spectator cameras for all modes
Worked on cinder block houses and added new destruction that leaves some cover behind from the inner wall
Updated loading screen to reflect deathmatch theme.
Added secondary helipad to Palm oil plantation

Weapon Updates
Fixed bad zeroing of CS5 suppressor
Fixed bad lock on behavior of the PLD. Acceptance angle is now 4 from prev 15
Laser designations: increased locking distance PLD from 300 to 500
Reduced lock time of all laser designators from 2.0 to 1.5
Fixed the hand flare damage type (now no longer creates craters)
Fixed inconsistencies with incendiary effects: Split effect so both grenades can have their own effect, slightly reduced radius and duration of handheld effect to match DOT values better, increased radius and duration of tank effect to match DOT values, Made both effects slightly better at blocking night scopes
Added new poison arrow explosion effect
Fixed too high damage of laser designations against aircraft and light vehicles
Fixed bad tracking of laser designations
Fixed bad hit detection of some anti ground missiles against fast targets
Improved lock time on laser designated targets
Improved accuracy and ammo regeneration of smart rockets
Reduced damage of buckshot and flechette to lower performance at range
Reduced number of pellets of uts, saiga, dao, dbv, m1014 to improve balance

Squad Teamplay Initiative Updates

The marksman bonus now gives a flat scoring bonus (25 points), but still displays the distance in parenthesis.

High Tickrate Updates
Weapon burst fire, recoil and spread is now applied properly on higher tickrate servers
General movement, Rubber-banding prevention for high tickrates, Vault improvements, Pickup entity fixes, better server/client synchronization for character input stepping when running at low fps, Gunsway fixes
Fixed an issue with 120hz tick rate server packet queues
Enabled high tickrate servers on this branch again

Netcode Updates
Fixed an issue with frame spikes on the client affecting the simulation rate, and in turn making the difference between client and server greater than it had to be and causing so called “dusting”
Added server side rubber band and damage arbitration logging
Several improvements related to network stall handling on the client. These improvements should result in a much smoother experience when playing under less then optimal network conditions

Misc Updates
Integrated a decal crash fix from Hardline
Added Icon for night operations, fall patch & holiday patch
Adding extra logging for corrupt installs
Adding extra logging for an suspected XP1 bomber related crash
Integrated crash fix from Hardline for two known crashes
Integrated a potential fix for the “bullet soaker” bug from Hardline (invincible soldier on your client)
Add more precise performance tracking for server and rubber banding

Summer Patch coherence
This release also includes a full integration of the Summer Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the Jets should be back to 313 “normal” setup again etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!

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