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Battlefield 4 CTE Holiday Patch – Conquest Large

The Battlefield 4 CTE summer patch has moved to Conquest large, this being one of my favorite modes so i will be doing a lot of testing! This patch brings updates for: Conquest Large Release, Rush Large Release, Weapon Updates, Dragon Valley Updates and more.

To expedite this, we will start by splitting our focus to one of the top three game modes per release:

Deathmatch Release (Previous release)
Harbor area rework

Conquest Large Release
Full map, Conquest Large focus – initial release.
Notable changes since prototype: Cloud layer brought down which makes view distance issues less of a problem. A and B flag has been swapped, a more clear path from US spawn to A implemented, initial theming of all the capture points, and the start of a indestructible cover pass has been made.
Flag E has also been moved to the more centrally places pagoda on the hill, moved up from the end of the island.
Vehicle spawns have been tweaked, and we will be testing out giving the US team an attack boat in this version for Conquest Large for instance. Several other smaller differences and improvements compared to the initial prototype. This is the first Conquest Large release, and we want your initial feedback on these changes and how the CQL mode plays now on the map. Any imbalances between teams, or other larger issues is what we are looking for now!

Rush “Large” Release
With Dragon Valley 2015 being a huge map – and BF2 not including the Rush game mode, we think that the combination of old but modernized map, with a newer game mode is very interesting.
We are looking to make this the biggest rush implementation in the game, and to incorporate the destructible bridges in game play.

But, what about my favorite game mode X?
Rest assured, we will also include other game modes in this map – but, the focus will lie on these three first!

These are the changes included in this release:

Dragon Valley 2015
B (prev A) Pagoda, textured, LOD0 and collision.
Added new road tool to back path, adjusted terrain and assets.
Moving all roads to default layer to fix rendering issueTemple: adding LOD 1 to 4, raycast,enlighten and coll.
Updates to TDM and Rush modes. Adding Truck_01 prefab to include damage from destruction.
Adding the XP7 experiences to the sizeRule rule for the matchmaker
Temple island: adjusted terrain around temple (lowered terrain), also some Rocks and Trees. Still in progress, especially pathing up the side of the hill to the temple.
Setdress pass on port, market village updates, temple tweaks
Initial updates to Rush and CTF modes (to be tested with Rush release at a later date)
Adjusting temple rails and adding some cover to temple playspace
Bridges: Repair Icon now displays more consistently on the bridges for repairs, Fix for an issue where the bridge look and actual state (destroyed or not) was not properly syncing to all players at all times.
Updated terrain memory pools to improve visuals and performance.
Updates to all game modes. Rotating theaters to correct directions, adding spawn cameras for rush, moving EOR and spawn cameras for other modes.
Temple Bell Tower pieces top and bottom. LOD’s, Coll, Raycast and Enlighten. New Brick texture for Temple area.
Pagoda (B, formerly A), terrain lowered sightly, adjusted terrain and props accordingly
Updates to woodyard and refinery areas – updates to temple assets
Updates to game modes and cover. Major updates to Rush. Major bug fixes for CQL/CQS.
Added water info to Dragon Valley. Reduced water resolution slightly.
Added a built Ground Heights to help with shadow flickering.
Changed grass scattering settings.

Weapon Updates
ST338 range finder maxrange 1000
qbu-88 damage dropoff end increased from 65 to 90
corrected UI metadata (no localization required), stats should now more correctly represent all weapons
corrected L85 laser sight alignment in 1p
shotgun reload time fixes: corrected wrong reload times, added missing reload timer arrays

Vehicle Updates
Improved attack jet/helicopter rocket sight prediction
fire extinguisher: ground vehicles now show countdown in hud
active protection: removed active string display, as this causes issues when entering the vehicle while active protection is reloading
aircraft wrecks should now disappear properly, which could previously cause performance issues in long games

Fall Patch coherence
This release also includes a full integration of the Fall Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the vehicle balance should be the the “new” one etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!

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