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Battlefield 4 CTE Holiday Patch – All Game modes

A Battlefield 4 CTE holiday patch has been released and now contains all game modes, this update also brings the usual updates for Dragon Valley 2015, Audio Changes, Operation Outbreak updates, Weapon & Gadget Changes, Vehicle changes and a few more.

To expedite this, we will start by splitting our focus to one of the top three game modes per release:

Deathmatch Release (Previous release)
Harbor area rework.
Conquest Large Release (Previous release).
Full map, Conquest Large focus.
Rush “Large” Release (previous release).
Full Map, first iteration Rush .
All Game modes Release .

Today we enable all the game modes on the Dragon Valley – please play all and give us feedback!

These are the changes included in this release:

Dragon Valley 2015
Water shader polish with fade options.
Left side waterfall fixes, more mist.
Waterfall shader polish to match ocean water.
Mist and waterfall ripple distance fade setting.
Terrain updates and shadows on trees.
Terrain streaming adjustments.
Added TRL for Deathmatch area.
Added TRL for main map area.
Tweaked streaming pools.
Updates to Noshahr object placement and height to align them with terrain.
Temple_PierStairs new asset.
Added Chinese to monument rock.
Reworking pier pieces at fishing village.
Added power line and added schematics.
Adjusted terrain height in tdm area.
Temple foundation lods and enlighten.
Planar reflection enabled with more density on normal map.
Mist VFX position tweaks.
Added sound areas and corresponding SPC/Wave Asset files for MP_Valley.
Created layers and schematics for Sound Ambients and Emitters.
Added a few emitters to MP_Valley.
Adding ESL plaque.
Adding new bridge textures.
Set dressed power plant building’s rooftop.
Minor adjustments to game modes. Flight ceiling increased from 550 to 600. Adjusted capture area around River Village. Small adjustments to Rush final MCOM placements.
Fixed some collision issues.
Updated shader for asphalt and some other additional tweaks.
Audio: Adjusted Volume and linked destruction to ShedShanty Sound Area.
Audio: Replaced object with Prefab in MARKET VILLAGE layer.
Audio: Added Sound Area to Refinery Warehouse prefab
Audio: Attached sound to destruction logic
Added signs to refinery, updated prefab of power lines with schematics
Added signs at port gate
Temple foundation remodel and texture work. New raycast and collision. 2nd UVs
Fixed the wood in the fishing village
Refining the setdressing and layout of the refinery and the airstrip, removed some redundant road stains also for better performance.
Refining port area scatter mesh and terrain shape.
Underwater color tweaks.
Added some pipes and collision volume.
Added set dressing for fishing village.
Changed out textures on 2 story buildings, stone fence and columns..
Fix for floating logs at G – and placeholder texture on tanks at refinery.
Fixing floating object after destruction in the dam area buildings by adding schematics.
Replaced electric box to one that does not cause damage.
Changed material of warehouse so it can have decals.
Art: Improved layout and set dressing at TDM area. fixed some terrain foliage clipping in some buildings.
Fixed floating tree.
Fix for LAV getting stuck on walls at market, fix for floating arch, adjusting lanterns at pagoda
Fix for floating pipes after destruction – updating fisherman’s shack at woodyard

Operation Outbreak Updates
CQL and CQS spawns and boundaries to prevent players from spawning out of bounds.

Vehicle Changes
Fixed error in schematic hookup so that fire extinguisher now displays on LAV25 hud.
Increase damage of tank HE shell from 180 to 188.
AA missile dodging fix.
minturnangle 45 (90).
turnanglemultiplier 30 (10).
maxturnangle 900 (350) (For max speed 900).
720 (250) (For max speed 250).
mindetonationdelay 1.5 (0.65).
Corrects IGLA acceleration from 350 to actually intended value of 75. 350 was incorrectly high.
Updating descriptions for the MBT’s HE SHELL to match actual usage.
Fixed an issue where ECM did not generate an offset for incoming missiles on both Helis and Jets.

Misc Changes
Parachute’s camouflage is not applied in gameplay after user customize it – Parachute customization is enabled for everyone (not just Premium players who opened the battle pack) now.
Adding the PS4 version of the network perf graph. Also hooked up a client-side editorial kill switch so we can turn this option off and on in retail if needed.

Audio Changes
Negative & Affirmative Comrose will now play 1P and 3P radioized VO if both players are in vehicle. If 1 player gets out of vehicle, and player inside vehicle triggers, both players will hear radioized VO (1P and 3P). If player outside vehicle triggers, the player outside will hear non-radioized 1P VO, and player inside vehicle will hear radioized 3P VO.
Get Out comrose will now play 1P and 3P radioized VO if both players are in vehicle. If 1 player is out of vehicle and the player inside the vehicle triggers, the player inside the vehicle will hear 1P radioized VO, and player outside vehicle will not hear VO at all (since they are already out of vehicle, it is not necessary for them to hear it).
Requesting Orders comrose now works the same as Negative & Affirmative Comrose (see above).

Fall Patch coherence
This release also includes a full integration of the Fall Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the vehicle balance should be the the “new” one etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!

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