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Battlefield 4 CTE Conquest Large Release 2

You may think the team over at Dice are chilling after releasing there massive Battlefield 4 game patch? Well hell no! In this latest Battlefield 4 CTE Conquest update it covers such things as: Game modes, Dragon Valley, Operation Outbreak, Weapons & Gadgets, Vehicle Changes and more.

To expedite this, we will start by splitting our focus to one of the top three game modes per release:

Deathmatch Release (Previous release)
Harbor area rework

Conquest Large Release
Full map, Conquest Large focus – initial release, updated today (release #2)

Rush “Large” Release
With Dragon Valley 2015 being a huge map and Battlefield 2 not including the Rush game mode, we think that the combination of old but modernized map, with a newer game mode is very interesting. We are looking to make this the biggest rush implementation in the game, and to incorporate the destructible bridges in game play.

But, what about my favorite game mode X?
Rest assured, we will also include other game modes in this map – but, the focus will lie on these three first!

With this release, we have made several changes from both feedback, classic-original reference and general gameplay. Included in this list is our explanation as to why we make these changes, and what we hope to achieve (especially when we differ from the original map).

Flight ceiling is lowered from the original release. Originally the number was 1000, this is reduced to 550. This number is relative to the zero point of the map, so in practical terms the height is still very high. Helicopters are able to reach 280m above the CN airfield (one of the highest playable spaces in the map).
US aircraft carrier is removed from the harbor. This was partially the result of an art request and partially the result of an inability to effectively protect jets and helicopters from spawn camping.
CQL: CN jets take off facing the valley rather than the mountain. This will prevent them from having to pull up as soon as they take off (they’ll still need to maneuver to avoid the far mountain) and give them added protection from the Static AA
CQL: CN has two static AAs, one to protect ground vehicles and the other for air. US only has one, since vehicles are placed closely together.
CQL: AMTRACs are removed. They are too slow to effectively change the space and we already have enough light and transport vehicles to make up the difference.
Extra jetski added for US, extra quad added for CN
FAC for US and IFV for CN replaced with an additional MBT. (we didn’t like how it played)
CQL: Attack Jets are replaced with stealth jets. I realized that, unlike open maps like Golmud, heavy vehicles do not have space to maneuver and hide from strafing runs. Extra SJs will give pilots a chance to clear the skies of helicopters.
CQL: Scout Heli is added to the Logging Camp helipad.
CQL: IFV spawner is reintroduced to the marketplace.
Battlepickups are placed. There are a few launchers (starstreaks and M136) and at least one bolt-action sniper.
Additional TOW missile emplacements are placed near capture points.
CQL: Capture lettering is reorganized. Before it was very disorganized and difficult to track. It is now set into a spiral with the temple as the final point.
CQL: Ticket bleed is fixed in DV. Originally a team must capture 6 points to start slow bleed, that has been reduced to 5 and the bleed is somewhat faster.
Some flag-spawning vehicles are moved/removed. All flags have at least one transport vehicle.
TDM/Noshar: Moved some containers slightly in Noshahr-v2 area to reopen a closed tunnel. Minor adjustment to rotation of some spawns.
Air Superiority (not playable today): The specific nationality of both sides’ vehicles is tracked by the faction of team 1. By default both teams will use US air vehicles. However, if a private server host changes the default nationality of Team 1, the spawns will change to reflect the new faction. This will only affect Dragon Valley.


These are the changes included in this release:

Dragon Valley 2015
Fixes for game modes. Updates to conquest and Rush. Adding adaptive camo
Migrating Noshar Port to unused area and restoring old port
Road spline fixes.
Fix for temple materials
Brought back lower pagoda area terrain
Adjusted terrain shape around logging camp check point and helipad
Adding road splines to port and landing for vehicle spawns
Fixed EOR cameras.
Adjusted MCOM placements and cover in Rush.
Adjusted terrain for back street, adjusted rock/tree placement
New capture point text.
Adjusted terrain and rock props
Power plant and refinery changes for rush
All the crane bits checked in, with new materials and masks
Updates to game modes. Minor updates to Rush and Domination.

Air Superiority:
Adding US specific spawners. Both teams will spawn as US.
Adding spawners for other factions. Special schematics to check Team1′s faction.
Added trees in empty space near worker village
Fix for temple gateway foundations.
Adding checkpoint at worker village.
Adjusted rocks.
Tweaked enlighten/lighting.
Editing terrain for small rock adjustment.
Updates to game modes. Updates to Rush MCOM placement and cover based on playtest feedback.
Adjusted terrain around waterfall, adjusted tree shader.
Minor updates to map and game modes. Increased flight ceiling to 550, fixed CQL ticket bleed. Moved spawns.
Valley Water polish with VFX optimization.

VFX: Fire update on port, Cloud fix
Replace incorrect truck trailer with non-contact shadow version.
Added road tool to the refinery

Operation Outbreak updates
CQL and CQS spawns and boundaries to prevent players from spawning out of bounds.

Weapon & Gadget Changes
IR smoke fixed to work in water, Camera exposure settings equalized.
New effect for the motion sensor ball death explosion. The previous one was a generic world effect that loops.
Enabled true default paint for AKU-12, CS-LR4, DBV-12, ACE 21, ACE 52, ACE 53, 93R, RPK-12, SCAR-H SV, SVD-12, Type-95B-1, UMP-9. Paint can be found at the bottom of the selection in the UI.

Vehicle Changes
Laser designation fixes.
TOW missiles no longer spin after launch.
Hitting aircraft should work consistently.
Autoloader/beltfeeder hooked up to all weapons.

STAFF shells:
Reduced timetolive to 6.5 from 10.
Improved hit detection against small moving targets.

Tank HE shell:
Reduced reloadtime to 2.5 from 3.0
Reduced damage to 180 from 200
Reduced innerblastradius to 1.25 from 1.3
Reduced blastradius to 5 from 5.5
Reduced autoreplenishdelay to 8 from 10

Increased main cannon autoreplenishdelay to 14 from 12

Reduced timetolive to 7 from 10
Improved hit detection against small moving targets

TOW (ground vehicles):
Matched reloadtime and rate of fire with attack heli version
Increased rateoffire from to 150 from 120
Increased reloadtime to 5 from 3.6

AA Missiles (except Active Radar):
Increased acceptanceangle to 6 from 5

AA Mine:
Matched acceleration and maximum speed with heatseekers

GAU Cannon:
Reduced TimeToLive, as previously introduced speed inheritance increased range effectively

Damage changes:
Reduced damage of miniguns to attack boats by 20%

AA missile tracking fixes:
Matched stinger/igla engine and guidance delay with vehicle aa missiles
Increased agility of hold-lock AA missiles (this has no influence on countermeasure reliability)

Attack heli HUD:
Improved reticle for tow missiles

Increased vehicle height for air vehicles:
Sub-base: 200+240 = 440
Walker Factory: 220+260 = 480
Repair rate restored for transport vehicles
Removed speed inheritance from land based active radar missiles

Fall Patch coherence
This release also includes a full integration of the Fall Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the vehicle balance should be the the “new” one etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!

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